Identity Provider

OAuth 2.0 / OpenID Connect

Use ASERGO as Identity provider for your applications

ASERGO's OAuth 2.0 API delivers both authentication and authorization. As ASERGO customer, you can now use your dashboard credentials for your applications and web apps. This is especially interesting when you need to setup authentication for applications and services running at ASERGO.

Our API conforms to the OpenID Connect specification.

Browser End-user Client Identifier & Redirection URL User Authenticates Authorization Code A B C B Authorization Server A C Authorization Code, Client Credentials, Redirection URI D E ID Token & Access Token Client

Managed Services

All our Kubernetes solutions utilize OpenID Connect (OIDC) for elements such as Kubernetes API and various dashboard access.

By choosing ASERGO as an identity provider, you can set up custom applications to authenticate and match roles configured in your ASERGO Dashboard.

Kubectl access

All our Kubernetes clusters are OpenID Connect (OIDC) ready. Configure kubectl to use your Dashboard credentials for authentication in Kubernetes using ASERGO as Identity Provider. See our knowledge base on how to configure OIDC for kubectl.