Deploy your Network

Design your own private network & connect it to servers of your preference.

Your Private Network

You can design your own private network and connect it to servers of your preference. We support VLAN tagging on the same interface. You can create either Layer 2 and/or Layer 3 networks:

Layer 2

On layer 2 you will get your own VLAN, which can be attached to servers of your choice. You exercise full control over the IP address assignments.

Layer 3

On layer 3 we create a private routing table (VRF) inside our data center network. This network will route between your servers and to/from our network services. On layer 3 we support both IPv4 and IPv6. We define the IP assignment, and you can use DHCP.

Free unmetered Networks

Free unmetered traffic on private networks in our data centers. Take advantage of our blazing fast internal networks connecting your dedicated servers, nodes, pods, colocated servers and storage services.

Private IP addresses

By default, each dedicated server is allocated a fixed public IPv4 and IPv6 address. Public addresses can also be assigned or subnets can be routed to your server. Regardless, if you bring your own IP space or AS number, we support BGP to announce dynamic IP addresses/prefixes into our network. If you have your own IP space and do not want to use BGP, we can announce it on your servers and/or firewalls.

Data Center Network

Our network holds a pivotal role in our Data Centers. Our Data Centers networks are designed using open standards and industry-current best practice. Each Data Center have identical design, meaning we can provide the same high quality and services across our three locations in Denmark and Germany.

A network consisting of an all Layer 3 spine-leaf architecture using ECMP allows a non-blocking active/active infrastructure where all links and paths can be utilized while providing high-availability in the event of a failure.

Using our Layer 3 spine-leaf architecture, we are able to provide a solid foundation to provide a multitude of different network solutions for our customers on top, such as:

  • VRF
  • Layer 2
  • BGP

Internet Connectivity

All our data centers run at least two independent border routers, each connected to a number of different Tier 1 IP transit providers. We are also present on several Internet Exchange points.

asergo global customers
Redundant Server Connectivity

Some server configurations come with two 10GE network interfaces that are connected to two redundant top-of-rack switches. By using LACP bonding it enables utilization of both links to combine the available bandwidth as well as provide redundancy. This layer of redundancy comes pre-configured without you having to set up anything.

Redundant 100GE TOR switches

Our racks are equipped with two redundant 100 Gbit/s Top-of-Rack switches for high availability, bandwidth intensive and low-latency applications. We support a wide array of port options. 1 Gbit/s and 10 Gbit/s port are a default and we have options for 25 Gbit/s and 100 Gbit/s ports.

Software defined Networks (SDN)

Use our Dashboard or GraphQL API to create and manage Layer 2 and 3 networks, design clusters and have both static and dynamic routing for high availability.

Hardware Accelerated

All the way from the Border to Leaf, our network runs exclusively on physical hardware using specialized ASICs (Application Programmable Integrated Circuits) to facilitate an extremely high-bandwidth and low-latency interconnect.

LIR Member

As a LIR member of RIPE NCC with AS30736, we are running our own routed network in an N+1 redundant environment, connected to multiple powerful upstream carriers.


Deploy PfSense and VyOS firewalls and routers directly in your infrastructure.


Our platform is what makes all the difference. A wide array of helpful features that makes managing infrastructure much, much easier.