File storage

Our network file storage is a managed service that provides a file-system directly accessible from Kubernetes and bare-metal servers over your private network.

The file system can be accessed from multiple containers or hosts simultaneously, allowing you to access the same directories and files between pods and even across different nodes.

File storage highlights

  • Managed and monitored by ASERGO.
  • Flash based storage.
  • Easy to access across all platforms.
  • Multiple applications can read and write to the same location.

Price: 0.019 per GB

How does it work?

File storage is available directly on your private network and can be accessed simultaneously by multiple hosts. We use standard NFS 4.x as the connection protocol. NFS 4.x is available on all major operating systems, including Linux, Windows, BSD, and Unix.

Store your data as long as you want. Our file store service takes care of everything, including preventing data loss due to bit rot.

Connect unlimited file store services to your private network utilizing NFS 4.x.

You can connect to your file storage service by using the StorageClass asergo-nfs in your Kubernetes cluster.