Backup and archiving highlights

  • Managed and monitored by ASERGO.
  • Easy to access across all platforms..
  • Multiple applications can read and write to the same location.
  • Inexpensive way of archiving your data.
  • There is no setup fee and data retention limitation.

Prices from: 0.009 per GB


Archiving is excellent for long term storage where storing data is fast, but data retrieval may take up to 10min. When you write files to our archiving storage, we will first write your data to traditional disk drives. After a period of inactivity, we will move your data to tape.

Use this inexpensive option when long retention periods are required and files are accessed infrequently.

Price: 0.009 per GB/month.


Backup is optimized for fast storage with infrequent file retrieval. You may use any program to move files between your server(s) and the backup storage namespace.

Price: 0.011 per GB/month.

How does it work?

Backup and archiving is available directly on your private network and can be accessed simultaneously by multiple hosts. We use standard NFS 4.x as the connection protocol. NFS 4.x is available on all major operating systems, including Linux, Windows, BSD, and Unix.

Store your data as long as you want. Our file backup and archiving service takes care of everything, including preventing data loss due to bit rot.

You can connect to your backup and archive storage services by using either the StorageClass asergo-backup or asergo-archive in your Kubernetes cluster.