Fully-featured API

Our Public API allows you to perform actions enabled by the ASERGO Dashboard programmatically. All functionality that you are familiar with from the ASERGO Dashboard is also available through our API, allowing you to script and automate actions and integrate our services into your applications.

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Developer-friendly with GraphQL

GraphQL allows you to ask for specific fields on objects, enabling you to fetch all the resources you need in one single request. Allowing you to get predictable results every time, never over fetch resources and get all fetch all the resources you need in a single request.

Explore our API using GraphiQL

GraphQL Clients

Programming languages:

C# / .NET, Clojurescript, Go, Java / Android, JavaScript, Swift / Objective-C iOS, Python

Server Libraries

Programming languages:

C# / .NET, Clojure, Elixir, Erlang, Go, Groovy, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, PHP, Python, Ruby, Rust, Scala