Extend Kubernetes with bare-metal servers

You can extend your Kubernetes cluster with un-managed bare-metal servers, giving you the freedom to run exactly what you want, how you want.

The Benefits of a Bare Metal Server

Raw Performance

Unlock the full potential of raw dedicated bare metal server performance. You get access to the servers' maximum raw performance, which means no overhead, low latency, and high disk I/O performance. It is the ideal solution for resource-hungry or time-sensitive applications that benefit from having no overhead from hypervisors or network virtualization.

Full customization

Choose your hardware and create a server configuration that suits your needs. We offer you hardware from the top enterprise server vendors, like QCT and Fujitsu . Customization options include CPU, RAM, SSD, HDD, network port speed, and more.

No Noisy Neighbors

A dedicated bare metal server solely belongs to you, unlike Public Cloud and VPS, where hundreds of virtual servers share a physical server's resources. With a bare metal server, you avoid the noisy neighbor effect, where one customer can impact other customers' performance and stability.

Operating Systems

Get started quickly, deploy in less than 30 minutes using our automated install system.

CentOS distros


VMware distros


FreeBSD distros


Ubuntu distros


Debian distros


CoreOS distros


Oracle linux

Oracle Linux

RancherOS distros

Rancher OS

SmartOS distros

Smart OS

Fedora distros


Fedora Atomic distros

Fedora Atomic

arch linux distros

Arch Linux

Other operating systems

If you want to install your own operating system or install Windows, feel free to use our KVM over IP solution that allows you to mount images directly on your server.

Custom iPXE

Apply a custom iPXE script to run your custom installer or operating system over network boot.

Flexible IP Addressing

Don't be constrained by your providers' ability to handle IP assignments. With us, you get the freedom to assign and route public and private IP addresses precisely as you want.

Public IPv4 and IPv6

Each server is assigned one public IPv4 and IPv6 address. You can manage reverse DNS (PTR) records for all allocated IP addresses by using our Dashboard.

Floating IPs

We provide floating public IP addresses that allow you to quickly remap IPs between servers and deploy high availability setups that incorporate failover.

Routed Subnets

We can route an IPv4 or IPv6 subnet directly to your server, allowing you to run virtualized internal networks on the server and fully control IP assignments.

Bring Your Own IPs

If you have your own IP range, you can use it with our dedicated bare metal servers. If you want full control, you can even announce it from your server using BGP, or we can announce it for you.

High Performance Network

1G, 10G, 25G and 100G Server Ports

All servers come with a 1 Gbit/s port as default. If you need more throughput, 10 Gbit/s, 25 Gbit/s and 100 Gbit/s server ports are available at a very fair price.

Hardware Accelerated NICs

We provide accelerated network interface cards for our high bandwidth network options with low latency and high message rates. It provides cutting-edge performance in virtualized overlay networks (VXLAN and NVGRE) as well as Virtualization acceleration.

Bandwidth Included

Included bandwidth covers most needs. If you need a lot of bandwidth, we provide some very favorable options.

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30 TB Traffic Included

All servers include 30 TB of outbound traffic per month. Inbound traffic is unmetered.

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Unmetered Private Network Traffic

We provide unmetered private network traffic across servers and availability zones, and you are free to use as much traffic as you want.

When it comes to bandwidth pricing, it is important for us to be as transparent as possible.

Our traffic rates

In-house Engineers Ready to Assist You 24/7

Our in-house technical experts are always ready to help with fast and knowledgeable assistance. You can consider us a familiar extension of your IT department. We handle all requests with critical care, at any time, to resolve any trouble you might have.

Get the right assistance quickly

We understand that our customers are professionals. When you contact us, you will talk directly with a 3rd Level Engineer who will assist you in the best possible way.

Replacement upon suspicion

Your confidence in our servers is essential for us. If you suspect there is a hardware problem with your server, we can replace the entire server or serviceable parts for you.

Give us a call

We love to talk shop. If you have a question or working to find a solution on a project give us a call on +45 7734 1401

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Stick to Your Budget

You will not encounter any unforeseen expenses with us. By signing a one month contract, you avoid paying upfront for services that you require for an extended time. Another benefit of a monthly contract is that you can easily swap to a different server if your current server no longer matches your needs.

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30 Days Contract

Get the freedom and flexibility that comes with a one month contract. You can pay for your servers automatically each month until they are no longer required. Termination is easy and we only require you to give us a notice of termination at least 1 day before the next contract period begins.

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Seamless Migration

In case you want to upgrade your server, you will get a one week period in which you can migrate data to your newer server free of charge. This way, you avoid having to pay for two servers simultaneously.

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Only Flawless Servers

All of our servers are rack-mounted server-grade hardware, which undergoes extensive burn-in and stress tests. This ensures that your server will perform flawlessly as soon as you install your preferred operating system on the server.

Remote management

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Built-in remote management

All server hardware is equipped with permanent built-in remote management which can be accessed from your Dashboard .

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Private VPN (coming soon)

Ease of management by connecting your workstation(s) directly to your ASERGO private networks using a private OpenVPN connection.

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Quality hardware

All customer hardware is data center grade hardware.

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Start fresh

Re-install or switch your operating system free of charge.

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Automated installations

Easy to create hardware- or software RAID during the installation of your preferred operating system.

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Availability Zones

Locate your hardware across multiple availability zones and secure availability.

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Redundant power

Redundant A and B power feeds connected to more independent sources provides you with the highest stability.

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Inter Connection

Connect your colocation , storage and Kubernetes cluster to your private network.

IPMI and KVM over IP (included)

IPMI and KVM over IP allows you to control the Keyboard Video and Mouse just like if it was directly attached to the server. This feature is built into the out-of-band management controller on all ASERGO servers and is available 24/7.

Typically it would be a requirement to install a Java Runtime Environment on your computer to access KVM over IP. However the ASERGO Remote management has solved all these headaches and risks, by allowing our customers to use KVM over IP inside the browser with HTTPS and HTML5.

Remote access KVM over IP

Serial console over SSH

Connect to the server serial port terminal directly via SSH using the out-of-band management. This enables you to manage or recover servers which could otherwise be unreachable over the network or internet. You can even use it as your secure management shell. (Expected availability: Q4 2020)

Power Management (included)

With out-of-band management you can control all aspects of the server outside the operating system, from the boot process to the BIOS configuration and power state.

Hardware Management (included)

Our Dashboard keep a non-intrusive inventory of your current server hardware as well as status and system counters such as temperature and fan speeds. This information is not collected from the operating system, but instead from the service processors, meaning that we don't have any software running on your server.

Why use bare-metal servers when engaging in long-term Hosting?

Bare-metal is considered one of the favored solutions for long-term deployments. There are several significant contributing factors to use bare-metal over virtual machines.

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A bare-metal platform is then the obvious choice.

There are no other tenants to compete with for the server's physical resources, so it is much easier to scale and combine your resources. Even though many service providers don't place a hard limit on virtual resources, there is always a soft limit.

Your organization's requirements are bound to evolve. The additional customization bare-metal servers offer means that bare-metal servers can cater to a broader range of workloads.

Bare-metal is an excellent starting point for a hybrid environment. It combines bare metal servers, Kubernetes, and remote services like storage, backup, and monitoring.

Industries with compliance guidelines can make use of bare-metal servers for increased security. The European GDPR requires companies to have the financial and personal data of end users stored in compliant infrastructure.