Block storage highlights

  • Managed and monitored by ASERGO.
  • Flash based storage.
  • Storage nodes span a minimum of 3 availability zones.
  • Your data is replicated 3 times.
  • 512-bits disk encryption.

Price: 524 per 2 TB of usable storage

Nodes123...4Block storageStorage ClusterKubernetes ClusterBare-metal VPCNetworks10.12.12.0/2410.17.17.0/241/10/100G1/10/100G123456789101112131415161234567891011121314151612345678910111213141516

Data is replicated 3 times

We ensure that your data is replicated three times, over multiple server racks, all in different availability zones.

Extend Servers Storage

As a unique feature you can combine our block storage with both Kubernetes and traditional bare-metal servers.

100 Gbit/s Server Ports

Storage cluster nodes come with 10 Gbit/s port as default and 100 Gbit/s server ports are available. Fast server interconnectivity.

How does it work?

Our single-tenant storage clusters run on bare-metal servers outside your Kubernetes cluster accessible over your private cluster network.

Using single-tenant storage on a private network gives you a unique option to have both your Kubernetes and bare-metal servers accessing the same storage cluster simultaneously, enabling you to utilize the storage across different services.

You can connect to your block storage service by using the StorageClass asergo-rbd in your Kubernetes PersistentVolumeClaim.


apiVersion: v1
kind: PersistentVolumeClaim
    app: nginx
  name: nginx-claim
  - ReadWriteOnce
      storage: 439Gi
  storageClassName: asergo-rbd