Block storage

Our single-tenant block storage is offered as a managed service and shares no hardware with other customers. With no shared resources, your data is safe and physically isolated from other customers. And with no noisy neighbors, you get the best and most predictable performance.

Each block storage cluster node is connected with at least a 10 Gbit/s port and is accessible from Kubernetes via your own private, isolated network.

Block storage highlights

  • Managed and monitored by ASERGO.
  • Flash based storage.
  • Storage nodes span a minimum of 3 availability zones.
  • Your data is replicated 3 times.
  • 512-bits disk encryption.

Price: 524 per 2 TB of usable storage

Nodes123...4Block storageStorage ClusterKubernetes ClusterBare-metal VPCNetworks10.12.12.0/2410.17.17.0/241/10/100G1/10/100G123456789101112131415161234567891011121314151612345678910111213141516

Data is replicated 3 times

We ensure that your data is replicated three times, over multiple server racks, all in different availability zones.

Extend Servers Storage

As a unique feature you can combine our block storage with both Kubernetes and traditional bare-metal servers.

100 Gbit/s Server Ports

Storage cluster nodes come with 10 Gbit/s port as default and 100 Gbit/s server ports are available. Fast server interconnectivity.

How does it work?

Our single-tenant storage clusters run on bare-metal servers outside your Kubernetes cluster accessible over your private cluster network.

Using single-tenant storage on a private network gives you a unique option to have both your Kubernetes and bare-metal servers accessing the same storage cluster simultaneously, enabling you to utilize the storage across different services.

You can connect to your block storage service by using the StorageClass asergo-rbd in your Kubernetes PersistentVolumeClaim.


apiVersion: v1
kind: PersistentVolumeClaim
    app: nginx
  name: nginx-claim
  - ReadWriteOnce
      storage: 439Gi
  storageClassName: asergo-rbd