Hosting in Europe

ASERGO offers business hosting solutions. We can help with anything from dedicated bare metal servers to wide ranging and customized Enterprise solutions.

Have a dedicated single tenant server delivered instantly or let our engineers customize a hosting solution for you. Just tell us what you need and we will bring you ideas, whether you need a dedicated server or a private cloud solution. We will make sure it is scalable and secure, and works with your budget.

Access to our free domain name server with DNS and rDNS management come as default. Onboard KVM over IP for easy access to your operating system and server BIOS is included. Multiple invoice accounts, currencies and month to month billing of your choice.

With the free ASERGO Dashboard you can remotely control your servers, network and even install 32 or 64bit operating systems from our extensive software repository.


Server hosting in Europe
ASERGO is based in Germany and Denmark and is getting ready for GDPR compliance,
EU General Data Protection Regulation which replaces the DPD, Data Protection Directive. Currently, we are offering DPCA, Data Processing and Confidentiality Agreements to customers.

World wide customers

Become part of our international customer base, and enjoy a smooth uncomplicated implementation of your hosting needs. To meet the needs of our worldwide customers, we have excellent connectivity to all parts of the globe. Whether you need anything from a single server, to a highly complex multi data center solution, we are here to help.

Data Privacy
We keep a minimal amount of information about you and your company. Details kept on file are for contact, support and billing purposes. Customer information is stored safely in accordance with best governance principles.


Customer information is not subject to redistribution of any kind.


Upon cancellation, payment information such as credit card and PayPal information will automatically be deleted.

Data Security
The content of your server storage media is for your eyes only. We do not install any management software or back doors. Furthermore, we have no knowledge of server credentials or passwords.

Only our authorized staff are allowed on site. Visitors, customers or others are not allowed to enter our facilities. There are no identification on servers which may reveal customer identity.


We want you to focus on the essential parts of your business, knowing that your servers and infrastructure are cared for, and in good safe hands. At ASERGO we are devoted specialists, who you can trust in safekeeping your server, and we are specialists in adapting to our business customers and their needs. We do not have any private customers.

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