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Running Kubernetes

Running Kubernetes is so much more comfortable with ASERGO Kubernetes. With full support for the complete Kubernetes eco-system and enhanced security for cloud-native workloads, ASERGO helps developers innovate faster and with greater confidence.

Run your applications and have no worries about security updates, patching, nor system upgrades. Our experienced K8s experts will be responsible for maintaining your cluster components while you focus on your applications.

Integrate your preferred CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) system with your ASERGO Kubernetes cluster. Whether that being GitLab, Jenkins or Circle CI, we have no restrictions.

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New ASERGO Kubernetes release Q4

New Features and Improvements


On-premise worker nodes

If it is required, you may mix ASERGO worker nodes with your own on-premise hardware. On-premise hardware will have access to the same services as ASERGO nodes.

Encryption at rest

The operating system uses full disk encryption on worker nodes.

Encryption in transit

Control-plane and pod-to-pod traffic are encrypted.

Mix un-managed bare metal servers with Kubernetes

Some applications need to run on traditional dedicated servers. You can connect conventional un-managed bare metal dedicated servers with your Kubernetes clusters over private networks.

Persistent Storage

Each worker node is built to be part of a single-tenant storage system such as Rook Ceph or Mayastor.

Enhanced OIDC authentication

We have now enabled OIDC as default to allow user authentication to its API. You can control each user's access through your Dashboard.

Kubernetes Auditing

We have now added audit logging to the list of standard installed features in your cluster.

Nothing added or removed

If you are already familiar with Kubernetes, you will feel right at home.

We run the official upstream Kubernetes code without any modifications. This means that we are always 100% compatible with standard Kubernetes toolchains. You can rest assure that you can use all official documentation, resources, and tools on our ASERGO clusters.

Schrems II ruling

In July 2020, the European Court of Justice handed down the sensational Schrems II ruling, which left most European businesses in confusion. The ruling makes it illegal for companies to transfer personal data to third countries outside the EU - unless you as data controller can document that the receiving country has a level of data protection similar to what GDPR ensures us here in the EU.

Schrems II ruling poses significant challenges for many organizations that today transfer data to third countries that do not live up to the conditions now required. For example, the American tech companies have a tough time with this, as the American intelligence services have the legal authority to hand over all data that crosses the Atlantic.

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Data center infrastructure

Our infrastructure is purpose-built for Kubernetes while allowing it to co-exist with traditional bare-metal server environment.

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Kubernetes implementation

We help you through the entire process of implementing Kubernetes. If you have issues, our in-house Kubernetes specialists will help you.

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Server hardware

We use only high-quality server hardware, from the leading hyper-scale data center solution providers.

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Hardware monitoring software

Gain inside knowledge of your Kubernetes hardware stack with advanced hardware monitoring.

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Add-on services

Enjoy a vast array of services for Kubernetes. Network block, object, and file storage. Logs, metrics and backup.

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Redundant infrastructure

Take advantage of our redundant infrastructure. We always install hardware across multiple availability and security zones.

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European hosting provider

ASERGO is a European company based in Denmark and Germany serving customers from around the world

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Kubernetes monitoring

Gain inside knowledge of your running Kubernetes software stack with advanced software monitoring and logging.

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