European hosting provider

A solid platform for scaling & deploying

A flexible hosting platform

Enjoy the freedom to combine Servers, Kubernetes Namespaces and Pods, Storage and Colocation across our three European Data Centers.

It is all about giving you time back by making infrastructure painless to deploy, secure and manage.

Help is always available

Whether you need to discuss a technical issue or need to clear your mind talking to a specialist, we are available.

Our in-house team of ASERGO engineers provide deep and knowledgeable expertise across any hosting subjects.

Avoid Vendor Lock-in

It is quite common to see hosting providers offering services tailored to tie up customers. Proprietary API's and special network topologies are prime examples which makes it harder to host across providers. Add up possible long and inflexible contracts.

The only form of vendor lock-in we are actively exercising is customer satisfaction.

Remote Server Access

We offer a non-intrusive hardware based solutions which allow you both in-band and out-of-band network to all your servers.

You enjoy full access to the server BIOS and may utilize KVM over IP through the full server boot process.

These options require no software installation to work.

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