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Kubernetes hosting in European data centers

Kubernetes expertise

Our specialized technicians provide top quality assistance to you in both Danish and English. As specialists, you can consider us as an extension to your IT department.

100% Privacy

You have full control over your deployment and your data. You know the exact location of your data down to the individual storage media.

European origin

Founded in Denmark, we reflect our Danish cultural values such as quality and authenticity, in how we operate our business. Today we operate with offices and data centers in both Denmark and Germany.

Mix our products seamlessly

Network and hardware specialists

At ASERGO the dialog is between you and our technicians. Our team of hardware and software specialists are ready to assist you. As your hosting provider, we always have rack mounted servers in stock ready for deployment.

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Kubernetes orchestration

Get a cost-effective Managed or un-managed Kubernetes Cluster in a perfect Kubernetes environment. Our dedicated experts are ready to help you or to advise you.

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You can combine all services

We provide a unique opportunity for your large databases or other applications that do not work well within a Kubernetes cluster. Our network topology allows you to inter-connect dedicated servers with your Kubernetes cluster at full wire speed. Combine dedicated servers running Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD or Windows applications with your Kubernetes pods.

Simple terms

Enjoy the transparency of our terms of agreement.

It is easy to do business with us.

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Transparent pricing

No hidden fees.

Monthly contract.

Choose your payment option and currency.

Fully featured Dashboard

Our Dashboard provides a quick overview and lets you manage and access all aspects of our services. The Dashboard includes a wide range of security features such as Role Based Access Control, two-factor authentication, IP filtering as well as a full history log for auditing and compliance.

Dashboard with two-factor authentication and features
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