Predictable high performance and transparent pricing with bare-metal

With our Kubernetes clusters running on bare-metal, you avoid the extra overhead when compared to solutions running on virtual machines. Bare-metal worker nodes not only provide better security by ensuring a physical barrier between tenants it also gives you better performance and cost savings by optimizing hardware resources.

Supporting developers to quickly build, test, manage, and scale applications of any size

Running Kubernetes is so much more comfortable with ASERGO Kubernetes. With full support for the complete Kubernetes eco-system and enhanced security for cloud-native workloads, ASERGO helps developers innovate faster and with greater confidence.

Run your applications and have no worries about security updates, patching, nor system upgrades. Our experienced K8s experts will be responsible for maintaining your cluster components while you focus on your applications.

Integrate your preferred CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) system with your ASERGO Kubernetes cluster. Whether that being GitLab, Jenkins or Circle CI, we have no restrictions.

Increased network performance and security with bare-metal VPC networks

All bare-metal cluster nodes are connected using our bare-metal VPC networks. We provide free high-capacity internal network connectivity for your cluster nodes and our services, such as storage and traditional dedicated bare-metal servers for legacy applications.

Discover our Bare-metal VPC networks

We can support you through the entire process of implementing Kubernetes

With over 7 years of Kubernetes integration experience, the vast Kubernetes ecosystem is well known to our engineers. We combine in-house support and development with quality advice, and we can guide and help you tailor your specific deployment every step of the way. Draw on our vast Kubernetes expertise and let your IT team focus on your core activities.

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Purpose-built Infrastructure

Our infrastructure is purpose-built for Kubernetes while allowing it to co-exist with your traditional bare-metal server environment.

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A helping hand

We help you through the entire process of implementing Kubernetes. If you have issues, our in-house Kubernetes specialists will help you.

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Hyper-scale hardware

We use only high-quality data center hardware, from the leading hyper-scale data center solution providers.

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Hardware and software insight

Gain inside knowledge of your Kubernetes stack with hardware and application monitoring.

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Enjoy a vast array of services for Kubernetes and bare-metal servers. Network block, object, and file storage. Logs, metrics and backup.

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Redundant Infrastructure

Take advantage of our redundant infrastructure. We always install hardware across multiple availability and security zones.

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European Hosting

ASERGO is a European company which fully comply with GDPR.

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Pay in your preferred currency

We support credit cards and bank transfer in these currencies: EUR, GBP, USD, CAD, DKK, SEK, NOK, CHF.

What is Kubernetes?

The Short version:

Kubernetes is a system for Automating, Deploying, Scaling, Operating applications container.

The Long version:

Kubernetes is an open-source container orchestration framework. It is widely adopted and seen as the replacement for proprietary closed source cloud solutions. Google initially developed Kubernetes and made it open source in 2014. Today, Kubernetes is the de-facto standard for container orchestration, based on Google's years of experience running the world's most significant containerized orchestration systems. Kubernetes has a rapidly growing open source community, with engineers from many companies, including Google and Red Hat, actively contributing to the project.

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