Server Hosting & Data Solutions 

Our hosting platform is built with integration at the forefront.

You are in full control whether you are building, scaling or deploying.
ASERGO product program

Unique connectivity & infrastructure solutions


We always have rack mounted servers in stock ready for deployment. Server grade hardware is guaranteed.

Prices starts at €131 


Get a Supervised Vanilla K8s cluster without the painstaking job of maintaining the core components of the cluster.

Supervised Kubernetes


Ship or bring your own server grade hardware with support for Redfish or IPMI from any vendor. We take care of the rest

Supervised Colocation


Wheter you need an Appliance storage Server, Direct Attached storage or Network Attached storage, we have got it.

Storage servers 

Intuitive Dashboard

Access to your servers and other essential tools is the core of your Dashboard. It is intuitive, offering all the advanced options expected by your IT staff.

Get direct access to our stock of already rack mounted servers. Pick your choice from the list and the server will be added to your Dashboard instantly - ready for use.

Help & support

When you contact our support department, you will meet our friendly in-house support team. 
We include free support on all our products and services and are always ready to assist you.