A hosting provider dedicated to your business success

We focus on customer satisfaction by optimizing developer-driven hosting with our flexible infrastructure.

Optimize your deployment

Mix all our products & services seamlessly.

Bare Metal Servers

As the foundation of your own infrastructure, our servers come with different resources depending on your demands.


The overhead of running Kubernetes in cloud environments has been removed giving you more speed and better latency.


Choose one of our storage options, and decide on the capacity and level of performance you need. No space goes to waste.


With our complete integrated colocation package you can maintain 100% control of your hardware.

Our Flexible platform

Our platform provides you with a flexible infrastructure enabling you to interconnect our Dedicated bare metal servers, Kubernetes, Namespaces & Pods, Storage, and Colocation across our three European Data Centers. Make your infrastructure painless to deploy, secure and manage.

100% Privacy

We value your data and confidence in us as a provider. With us, you have 100% privacy meaning we have no access to your data. We give you full control to manage your own data.

European origin

Founded in Denmark, we reflect our Danish cultural values such as quality and authenticity, in how we operate our business. Today we operate with offices and data centers in both Denmark and Germany.

Extra Guidance

Our specialized technicians provide top quality assistance to you in both Danish and English. As specialists, you can consider us an extension to your IT department.

Fully Featured Dashboard

Our Dashboard provides a quick overview and lets you manage and access all aspects of our services. The Dashboard includes a wide range of security features such as Role Based Access Control, two-factor authentication, IP filtering as well as a full history log for auditing and compliance.

Remote access KVM over IP

Smart Contracts

We offer you the possibility to decide the length of your contract. Pay monthly with no additional obligations. If necessary, you can cancel your contract up to a day before renewal.

No hidden fees

With our three data centers located in Denmark and Germany, we offer the same low prices and high-quality service despite the location. This means that we do not have any hidden fees - neither set up nor cancellation fees.

Global customers in 70+ countries

Today, we dedicate our time and services to companies in more than 70 countries.
Our customers are of different sizes and industries with distinct needs, that we fulfil via the flexible infrastructure of our platform.

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