European based data centers

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Customers in 80 countries.

Add value to your company by outsourcing your servers, but still maintain control and freedom.

Join our international customer base and expect a smooth, uncomplicated implementation of anything from a single server, to a highly complex multi-datacenter solution.

At ASERGO, we provide you with the necessary services for a successful, production-ready infrastructure set-up, no matter the complexity.

Get started without any initial investment and no variable costs.
A fully professional server starts on a monthly fixed price of only EUR 209.

We have the perfect solution to your needs, even if you’ve got special requirements.


A small selection of our customers

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Offering solutions that measure and predict movements of people and vehicles at airports, train stations and more.

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Offering SaaS solutions to generate rich, attractive and fully bespoke PDF documents at incredible speeds.

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Offering SaaS solutions for large Enterprise fitness chains.
3M+ active members hosted.

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Providing online database design and development and various back office services.

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