Monitoring Dashboard

Our service also offers 3 distinct dashboards to help navigate and manage all your application metrics.

Real-time data dashboard uses metric data from Kubernetes to generate an easy-to-use overview of your applications' health. The dashboard comes default with a metric overview of namespaces, stateful sets, daemon sets, deployments, and pods.


The alert dashboard lets you have a full overview of all your alert settings in your cluster. The following functionality exists in the dashboard:

  • Silence alerts
  • Display alerts
  • Alert-managers status and settings
dashboard templates based on metric data from kubernetes Application Monitoring is available in your ASERGO Dashboard

Long-term application monitoring

It is essential to trace your application's behavior over time. We offer a data retention timeframe of up to 36 months.

Price: 1.50 per GB

How does it work?

We install a software driver in your cluster, which you can use to collect application metrics. Using this driver, you can then stream data via an encrypted connection to the ASERGO service mesh, where your dashboards and all your data are securely stored. All the application monitoring dashboards are accessible through the ASERGO Dashboard.

Application monitoring is a service that you must enable. See below for details.

Getting started

Connect your application to our Application monitoring service by following these simple steps.

Configure Prometheus client


If your application does not natively support Prometheus metrics, you can configure Prometheus exporters.

Official Prometheus Exporters documentation


Create triggers for events occurring inside your applications.

You can create application alerts from within your ASERGO Dashbord Read more...

Scraping annotations

In an ASERGO Kubernetes cluster, Prometheus will automatically scan all Deployments, DaemonSets, and StatefulSets for a scraping port or ServiceMonitors.

If you want to enable scraping, all you need to do is add the following annotations (Example):

apiVersion: apps/v1
kind: DaemonSet
  annotations: 7472 true
kind: ServiceMonitor
    k8s-app: coredns
  name: coredns
  namespace: monitoring
  - bearerTokenFile: /var/run/secrets/
    interval: 15s
    port: http-metrics
  jobLabel: k8s-app
    - kube-system
      component: metrics
      k8s-app: coredns