Hot or cold storage - Keep your data safe

Don't overlook the most important part of your deployment - "your data"

Storage configurations

Network Block storage (RBD)

We have implemented CEPH Network attached Storage and made it simple for you. Network Storage works well as a storage provisioner for other servers on your Private LAN, such as Kubernetes, Virtual machines or HA solutions.

Some of the benefits of Network Attached Storage;

  • Disk Utilization
  • Built in data duplication (no need for RAID)
  • Snapshots
  • Disk spreading (disks can be located in multiple availability zones)
  • Storage tiering
  • How does it scale: Ultra high
  • Hot or cold storage: Both
  • Availability zones: Yes
  • Backup: Yes
  • Snapshot: Yes
  • Speed: Medium to high

Appliance Storage Server

ASERGO's Appliance Storage Server is easy to manage. It is managed through a Web GUI, which gives options for user management, RAID management, data validation and more.

The Appliance Storage Servers GUI supports;

  • SSH
  • (T)FTP
  • NFS v3+
  • rsync

Direct Attached Storage

Direct Attached Storage is a great storage solution when data needs to be accessed fast and secured.

Some of the benefits of Direct Attached Storage;

  • High availability
  • Elimination of network setup complications
  • Storage capacity expansion
  • Data security & fault tolerance

Multiple storage options

Needless to say that storage plays an important role in any deployment. Making your choice calls out for considering the following;

  • How does it scale
  • Hot or cold storage
  • Availability zones
  • Backup
  • Snapshot
  • Speed

In an emergency situation, servers, network and other devices can be replaced quickly. But how about getting back your valuable data?

Once you have chosen your storage option, you can determine the performance and capacity you need. Capacity is the easy part but it can be a challenge to determine the needed bandwidth, acceptable latency and burst speeds. If in doubt, you are most welcome to discuss your needs and preferences with our experts.

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ASERGO as a secure provider of data storage

Your need for professional data storage will grow along with your business. So will the need for a comprehensive and up-to-date storage provider.

But firstly you need to perform an initial assessment of your current and future data storage needs. Once you have a clear picture of the functions and needs of your storage platform, you should consider how you can secure it adequately. We have build a security architecture that meets all your needs for flexibility and scalability. But you still need strong security and data management strategies to maintain the highest level of safety for your data. This is why choosing ASERGO is an essential part of a company’s digital transformation strategy.

Nice to know !

Hardware selection

Our Storage is built entirely with enterprise grade hardware and disks. Using Intel DC series SSD and NVMe disks.

Block storage

Block storage is connected on a 100 Gbit/s network and data is is replicated 3 times, with optional geographical replication to our other european data centers in Denmark or Germany.

Storage appliances

Our storage appliances support the most widely used protocols such as SSH/SCP, (S)FTP, SMB/CIFS and RSync. It is an easy to use out-of-the-box solution to get started with, even if you dont have deeper knowledge about network storage.