Dedicated customer support 24/7

In house staff always ready

Unmatched support

When you are in need of support we react fast, and provide you with excellent technical assistance. Our objective is to get you back in production right away.

We have designed our support services to suit an efficient operating environment. This is how we do it;

  • Experienced technical support team
  • Built in self service Dashboard tools
  • Advanced onboard KVM overIP, without using Java
  • Secure ticket system monitored 24/7
  • 3rd level support at first contact
  • 24/7 Emergency phone service (optional)
support team

Secure ticket system

The ticket system gives you a fast and secure way to communicate with our support team. The ticket system is available to you through the ASERGO dashboard.

Preventative measures

In order to minimise hardware failures, we only use quality server grade hardware. Ahead of delivery, your server has passed various and extensive burn-in tests successfully and has been thoroughly stress tested. This helps avoid any faulty hardware components.

support team

How we handle support requests

Every ticket carry a label that makes sure that the ticket is received directly in the appropriate department. Labels are Hardware, Network, Billing and Abuse. Our in-house hardware and network specialists handle all tickets with critical care in order to resolve your problem quickly. Regardless of where your server is located, you will be assisted by the same team of ASERGO support specialists.