Remote Management

Access KVM over IP without installing a Java Runtime Environment

KVM over IP

KVM over IP allows you to control the Keyboard Video and Mouse just like if it was directly attached to the server. This feature is built into the out-of-band management controller on all ASERGO servers and is available 24/7.

Normally using KVM over IP requires you to install a Java Runtime Environment on your workstation. And normally it could be difficult to get working as the application would only run on certain versions and environments. With our Remote Management this is a thing of the past.

The ASERGO Remote Management has solved all these headaches and risks, by allowing our customers to use KVM over IP inside the browser with HTTPS and HTML5.

Serial console over SSH
(coming soon)

Connect to the server serial port terminal directly via SSH using the out-of-band management. This enables you to manage or recover servers which could otherwise be unreachable over the network or internet. You can even use it as your secure management shell.

From the serial console you will be able to see and interact with the server screen from when the server boots, making you able to use it to configure the BIOS and use it to login and access the operating system as well. Use your own favorite terminal application from your workstation. By using SSH with your own terminal you can even use copy/paste directly to/from the server, and using full keyboard shortcuts. This was otherwise not possible using KVM over IP.

Remote access KVM over IP

Remote Management Features

All ASERGO servers have built-in out-of-band remote management features and the ASERGO Dashboard makes it incredibly easy to use.

Some of these features include;

  • Power management.
  • Hardware health monitoring.
  • Keyboard Video Mouse over IP (KVM over IP).
  • Serial Console over SSH (coming soon) .