Operating systems

Up to date versions of the most popular Linux distributions

Automated installations

We provide you with fast and automated minimal installations of a broad range of operating systems, letting you focus on things that actually matter. In addition, all installations are unlimited and entirely free of charge.

CentOS distros


VMware distros


FreeBSD distros


Ubuntu distros


Debian distros


CoreOS distros


Oracle linux

Oracle Linux

RancherOS distros

Rancher OS

SmartOS distros

Smart OS

Fedora distros


Fedora Atomic distros

Fedora Atomic

arch linux distros

Arch Linux

Other operating systems

If you want to try out your own home brewed operating system, or if you want to install Windows, feel free to use our KVM over IP solution that allows you to mount images directly on your server.

If you cannot find your preferred operating system on the list, please contact us.