Dedicated Bare Metal Servers

Do you have basic or advanced needs?
Combining the features of our platform gives you almost unlimited possibilities.

The Foundation For Your Infrastructure

Free Traffic Included

With every server purchase, we include 30 TB traffic/mo. on 1 Gigabit port.

Contract length

Pay for 30 days at a time. Cancel up to 24 hours ahead of the renewal date.

Pre-handling delivery

Before we make it available to you, all servers undergo various burn-in tests including stress testing and installation of a wide range of operating systems.

Network Connections

Minimum 1Gbit/ WAN and private network. 10/25 and 100Gbit/s is available upon request.


To ensure the highest possible uptime, all servers are running redundant A and B power feeds to different sources.

Remote Access

All servers come with built-in remote management available in your Dashboard.

Starting from

€ 125.00 /mo

No set-up fee


Up to 1Gbit/s connection

Starting from

€ 389.00 /mo

No set-up fee

Up to 4 x1.92 TB SATA SSD or 4 x 10 TB SATA Hard Drive HDD

Up to 512 GB DDR4 ECC RAM

Up to 10Gbit/s connection

Starting from

€ 485.00 /mo

No set-up fee

Up to 256 GB DDR3 ECC RAM

Up to 12 x 1.92 TB SATA SSD or 12 x 10 TB SATA Hard Drive HDD

Avoid Vendor lock-in

All our services and features are designed to assist you and make managing infrastructure easier, not to keep your data hostage. One of our main goals is to provide an identical experience to a local data center environment, just a whole lot less complicated.

ASERGO Dashboard

We provide you with an accessible and easy to use Dashboard. The Dashboard runs on separate hardware that allows you to access your servers at all times, even if the servers are unreachable.


we provide well known linux distributions

Operating Systems

We provide several well-known Linux distributions ready to use.