Dedicated Bare Metal Servers

Powerful & reliable

The foundation for your infrastructure

Free traffic included

With every server purchase, we include 30 TB traffic/mo. on 1 Gigabit port.

Network connections

Minimum 1Gbit/ WAN and private network. 10/25 and 100Gbit/s is available upon request.

Contract length

Pay for 30 days at a time. Cancel up to 24 hours ahead of renewal date.

Nice to know !


All servers are running redundant A and B power feeds to different sources, to ensure the highest possible uptime.

Remote Management

All servers come with built-in remote management available in your Dashboard. This include power management, Keyboard Video Mouse over IP (KVMoIP) and hardware health monitoring.

Pre-handling delivery

All servers are undergoing various and extensive burn-in tests including stress testing and installation of a wide range of operating systems before making it available to you.