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Availability Zones


As an extra precaution, we can place your servers in different Availability Zones. E.g. if one instance fails in one availability zone, another can be designed to take over the task. Local zones: Low latency via Private LAN. Remote zones: For geographic security, e.g. one server in Denmark and another in Germany.

RAID Wizards


Our Easy to use RAID configuration wizard, lets you configure hardware RAID controllers before installing an operating system onto the server. Configure multiple arrays, select level 0, 1, 5, 6 or 10 and configure cache settings or even hot spares.

KVM over IP


All servers are pre-equipped with a self contained out of band management controller. This allows you to fully manage the server independently of the operating system, even if the server has crashed.

We provide access to the KVM over IP console for all server types, without having Java installed on your desktop.

Custom Networks


Manage Private and Public networks and connections. We can provide connectivity from 1 to 100 Gbit/s between servers.



Our entire infrastructure such as power, carriers, core networks, UPS's and diesel generators across our data centers, is fully redundant. We operate our own routed network in a N+1 redundant environment, connected to multiple powerful upstream carriers.

Dashboard Teams


From a single point Dashboard user interface, you can setup and manage access and user rights, for an unlimited number of individuals. Create Dashboard Teams for e.g. Admin., Accounting Operations.

24/7 Monitoring


Our data centers are monitored around the clock on site and remotely. To avoid intrusions, the emergency and service control center monitors the premises around the clock, 24/7. Only our authorized staff are allowed on site. Visitors, customers or others are not allowed to enter our facilities, not even if accompanied by ASERGO staff.

IPv4-6 connectivity


All our data centers provide native IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity.



We are always on standby in case you need our help with any hardware or network issues.

100% Data Security


As a customer at ASERGO, we guarantee 100% data security. We have got no access to your data or operating system, which leave you in full control over your infrastructure. Nor will you find any pre-installed management software on your server.

DNS Service


We provide a professional Authorative DNS service for any or all of your domains. This is configured with low TTL for fast change propagation.

You can also manage reverse DNS for your assigned IP addresses