Unique Dashboard

Perfect for the control freak

Your Dashboard resides on its own hardware platform. This enables you to access your server at all times, even if the server is unavailable. As such the Dashboard plays the role of your lifeline when the chips are down.

Access to your servers, support, payment, DNS, and other essential tools is the core of your Dashboard. It is intuitive, offering all the advanced options expected by your IT staff. Control and customize your servers and infrastructure using the Dashboard.

Furthermore, pick new already deployed servers directly from our stock 24/7. Install your Operating System by hitting a button and you are up and running. Continue, and maintain control of the server through permanent KVM over IP.

Account management is available with the Dashboard, in order to allow configuration of user access. This gives you the options of individual and customized access to different settings and levels, creating Dashboard Teams.

Included features

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User control
The Dashboard allows you to configure and control user access. Create different users and give them access to individual layers of the Dashboard. Allow your IT staff access to server control, or allow strict access to accounting information only to your accountant. You can increase safety and control this way.
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Use the recovery tools to correct system errors, data recovery, and more. We do not have access to your data, but have implemented tools so you have the means to diagnose and correct errors, with possibility of recovery. Recovery tools are available both for Linux and FreeBDS.
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Payment & accounting
Access to your account and payment details is handled through your Dashboard. Invoices and account details are listed here and easy to download. Payment is secure. We are easy to do business with, and offer a wide variety of payment options. Paypal, credit card, bank transfer, and other options.
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Bandwidth monitoring
Monitor your data traffic, speed and total data in and out of your server.
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Whenever you or your staff members access your server via your Dashboard, all activities are time stamped and logged. This means that you can track and document what has been executed and by whom at all times.

Instant deployment of additional servers

Get direct access to our stock of already rack mounted servers. Pick your choice from the list and the server will be added to your Dashboard instantly - ready for use.

Free DNS

With us you have free access to the ASERGO DNS server. Use it for all your domains, and point it anywhere you like. It is fast and easy to set up, and we operate with a very low TTL. The option of reverse DNS is also available in the Dashboard.

Private LAN

Private LAN is easy, and it is free. If you have more than one server, consider the option of using a Private LAN. Depending on the server type Private LAN speed is 1G, 10G, 25G or 100G.

Ticket system

Our in house experts are always standing by to support you. Just submit a ticket via your Dashboard. Response time is fast, and our technicians are friendly, experienced and dedicated.

Create your RAID fast

Easy to use Web GUI interaction with Hardware RAID controllers. Simplify the way you create your RAID.