Dashboard with loads of features

Developed for our fellow technicians

Perfect for the control freak

We provide you with an accessible and easy to use Dashboard. The Dashboard runs on separate hardware that allows you to access your servers at all times, even if the servers are unreachable.

Whether you are a network specialist, finance manager, developer, or anything in-between our Dashboard has everything you would expect, and more. This includes Remote access to your servers, a support ticket system, overview of payment details, and DNS.

Account management is available within the Dashboard. If you want more people to access your Dashboard, you can create multiple users and teams. Depending on which parts of the Dashboard should be accessible, grant users the corresponding user rights.

Furthermore, if you for some reason are running low on server performance, you can always find ready to use servers delivered directly and instantly from your Dashboard. Simply deploy the servers with your favourite Operating System by pushing a button, and you are up and running.

Dashboard for the developer
User control

The Dashboard allows you to configure and control user access. Create different users and give them access to individual layers of the Dashboard. Allow your IT staff access to server control, or allow strict access to accounting information only to your accountant. You can increase safety and control this way.


The Recovery Tools can be used as a last resort option, in case you need to correct system errors, want to do data recovery, or if you cannot access your server through the Dashboard. The Recovery Tools are loaded into your server's RAM and offers plenty of tools that makes it easier for you to diagnose and correct system errors. Recovery tools are available for both Linux and FreeBSD.

Bandwidth monitoring

Monitor the servers' current transfer speed, total input, total output, and how much data is being sent in/out of your server on average.


The Dashboard logs give you a complete overview of what is happening in your Dashboard. Events such as successful user logins, or successful operating system installs are timestamped and logged. The Dashboard logs makes it easy to document when, who, and what has happened at all times.

Payment & accounting

Your payment settings, invoice details and account logs are all available in your Dashboard. Your payment details can easily be updated and PDF invoices can be downloaded for bookkeeping. We accept a variety of currencies and payment options, such as Paypal, credit card and bank transfer.


Private networks are easy to configure. If you have more than one server, consider the option of using a private network. Depending on the server type, private network connectivity is either 1G, 10G, 25G or 100G.


Our in house experts are always standing by to support you. Just submit a ticket via your Dashboard. Response time is fast, and our technicians are friendly, experienced and dedicated.

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Auth DNS

You can use the ASERGO authoritative DNS server for your own domains, and point it to anywhere you like. You can easily set up DNS in your dashboard. The option of reverse DNS is also available in the Dashboard.

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