Secure Colocation

Complete Integrated Colocation

Your own infrastructure is linked to our powerful server and network management system, which will provide you with access to the complete ASERGO Dashboard with all features enabled. You may also add any dedicated or virtual ASERGO server to your own infrastructure. Ship or bring your own server-grade hardware with support for Redfish or IPMI from any vendor. We take care of the rest.

Included features

Redundant 100G layer 3 network

IPv4 and IPv6 support

Bring your own Autonomous System (AS) number

Get IPv4 or IPv6 ranges from ASERGO

Cross data center connectivity

Choice between dedicated or shared internet WAN connection

WAN & Private LAN access

Run your own router(s)

10G and 100G server connections

Cage for higher security & privacy

Very Early Smoke Detecting Alarm (VESDA)

Cooling systems with N+1 configuration

Delivery in Cold Aisle for quality & environment

Inergen for effective fire suppression

ISAE 3402-2 Certified

Supervised colocation

Place your hardware in one of our colocation racks and have it connected directly to your Private Networks within the ASERGO data center infrastructure. That's it, you are now ready to utilize our services while having complete control of your own hardware. Need extra capacity during high load? No problem, expand your own infrastructure with our dedicated servers while keeping them connected to your own co-location network. Our skilled engineers are ready to help you every step of the way on getting up and running with colocation.

Grey space efficiency

With us, you have the flexibility and power to scale within hours using our platform. We have data center colocation plans that adjust to your needs without long term, fixed fee contracts. We can accommodate high-density deployments, supporting the widest range of computing and storage footprint which helps you reduce IT costs. By combining an efficient infrastructure via our platform, you will get fewer unused resources and less data center gray space.

Colocation in Safe Zones

To give you the best and most secure service, all our data centers are located in political and environmental "safe zones".

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Plug-set Types

Up to 10 KW per rack

AC 16Amp

A+B, 1 phase

AC 32Amp

A+B, 1 phase

AC 32Amp

A+B, 3 phase

Rack Dimensions

Height: 2000mm

Width: 600mm

Depth: 1200mm

plug-set type 10kw per rack