Long-term storage for backup and archiving

We provide tiered backup storage for large quantities of data at competitive prices

How we Charge For Archive Storage

Access to archive storage is provided over private networks.

File storage € 0.011 /GB monthly

For data transfer between sites, our Data Center Interconnect network traffic rates applies.

Secure and Reliable

Archive backups, logs or any data from on our secure and reliable long-term storage platform.

NFSv4 Support

The Network File System version 4 is the latest version of NFS with new features such as statefulness and improved security and performance. We provide NFS 4.1 access to archive storage.

Access over Your Private Networks

Archive storage is accessible over your Private Network. This enables secure, fast and cost effective transfers of data to and from the archive storage.

Archive From Multiple Servers

You can use the same storage archive on multiple servers, if you have multiple servers needing to copy data to the same archive storage.

Data Replication

Your data is split into fragments and replicated inside a redundant infrastructure with each fragment then written on different storage devices. Constant ensuring the integrity of the data. If a fragment is ever lost it will be reconstructed on another storage device.