Bare Metal Server Add-ons

We make it easier while you maintain full control

Managing and operating bare metal servers can be difficult and time consuming. We have been providing self-service tools for years that makes manaing bare metal servers easy and effortless.

Public API

Using the ASERGO API enables you to integrate our services into your own generic application. If you need to automate or embed our services you will love the performance and flexibility of our API.

Discover our GraphQL API
  # lookup my user details example
  "data": {
    "viewer": {
      "users": {
        "users": {
          "nodes": [
              "id": "UXN345",
              "name": "John Doe",
              "email": "[email protected]"

IPMI and KVM over IP (included)

IPMI and KVM over IP allows you to control the Keyboard Video and Mouse just like if it was directly attached to the server. This feature is built into the out-of-band management controller on all ASERGO servers and is available 24/7.

Typically it would be a requirement to install a Java Runtime Environment on your computer to access KVM over IP. However the ASERGO Remote management has solved all these headaches and risks, by allowing our customers to use KVM over IP inside the browser with HTTPS and HTML5.

Remote access KVM over IP

Serial console over SSH

Connect to the server serial port terminal directly via SSH using the out-of-band management. This enables you to manage or recover servers which could otherwise be unreachable over the network or internet. You can even use it as your secure management shell. (Expected availability: Q4 2020)

Power Management (included)

With out-of-band management you can control all aspects of the server outside the operating system, from the boot process to the BIOS configuration and power state.

Hardware Management (included)

Our Dashboard keep a non-intrusive inventory of your current server hardware as well as status and system counters such as temperature and fan speeds. This information is not collected from the operating system, but instead from the service processors, meaning that we don't have any software running on your server.

Private Authoritative DNS server

We provide a private, single-tenant authoritative DNS servers as a service. Benefit from using domain and hostnames instead of IP addresses on your internal or external networks.

Use your own single-tenant authoritative DNS server for all your internal (or external) domains. Using our GraphQL API you can automate private DNS record creation, allowing you a streamlined and automated deployment.

Price: 30