Terms of Services

Private individuals are not accepted as customers

Your Rights and Obligations
 1. You agree to adhere to our Acceptable Use Policy AUP.
2. You have full root SSH/console access to your server(s).
3. You, and you solely, have access to your server(s).
4. You can install any software of your choice as long as it is legal.
5. You are responsible for any software applications you may install.
6. You may use any remote features and facilities included in our services without charges.
7. You are responsible for handling your domain names.
8. You may not perform malicious activities using our services. See our AUP.
9. You are 100% responsible for any, and all activity coming from IP addresses belonging to your server(s).
10. You are responsible for back up of your data.
11. You cannot resell our services except as otherwise agreed in writing.
12. You cannot transfer this agreement to any third party as otherwise agreed in writing.

Terms of Services, Billing, and Payment
1. The contract is valid for at least 1 month.
2. Billing cycle is identical with contract period.
3. The service will automatically renew itself until you cancel.
4. Your pricing will remain the same during the business relationship except as otherwise agreed.
5. Valid cancellation of your server should be submitted via our ticket system.
6. You may cancel up to one day, 24 hours, prior to renewal date.
7. Overdue accounts cannot be canceled until the balance has been settled.
8. Refunds will be given in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Management.
9. In case of malicious activities, we can disconnect your server at our choice. See our AUP.
10. You can change your payment method at all times to any other payment method offered by us.
11. Your proforma invoices and paid invoices can be viewed and printed from your Dashboard at all times.
12. If you are using credit card, we will automatically draw the recurring amount on the date of your initial payment.
13. If you are using PayPal you can setup recurring payments via your Dashboard.
14. If you are using bank transfer you are responsible for transferring appropriate funds in due course.
15. If you fail to pay in due course, we can disconnect your server/servers at our discretion and eventually terminate your server/servers unless you have entered an agreement in writing with us.
16. If your servers/server is/are disconnected due to non-payment, we reserve the right to charge you a reconnection fee of EUR 25 per server.

Our Obligations and Rights
1. We own, without exception, all hardware and infrastructure installed in our data centers.
2. We have no knowledge of your user names and passwords.
3. We will replace faulty components, or offer you a new server at no additional costs.
4. We are responsible for our network infrastructure and all maintenance in this regard.
5. We guarantee that our services are performed in accordance with best practice industry standards.
6. We do not guarantee that our services are error free.
7. We do not guarantee that all advertised operating systems are available for auto install at all times.
8. If applicable, scheduled maintenance will be performed between 10:00 PM and 06:00 AM CET/CEST. (You will be notified in due course).
9. We cannot be held responsible for: your choice of operating system, software, applications or hardware configurations. Your or any third party actions that destroys your data, operating system, software, applications or configurations. any loss of any data whatsoever and for whatever reason. any server downtime. your possible actions violating national or community laws or directives of the European Union, nor any international laws or conventions.
10. We maintain and control the ownership of all IP addresses and we reserve the right to change or remove any IP address at our discretion.
11. We are logging all network activity at all times, and at all levels, and we are saving this information for as many days as we consider appropriate.
12. We guarantee that your private information is treated confidentially, and will not be disclosed to any third party.
13. Any dispute between you and us is to be governed by Danish law and should be executed by the Maritime and Commercial court in Copenhagen, Denmark.

This page is subject to change without any notice. Version 16.06.

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