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Our Data Centers adhere to applicable data laws.
Tier3+ approved

Data Centers overview

Our 3 data centers offer both Layer2 and layer3 networks - and you can mix... Our data centers are built to accommodate dedicated server hosting, Kubernetes, storage and colocation. All three DCs are designed to meet your needs in terms of availability, redundancy, security and excellent global connectivity; Pricing for hosting and other services are alike regardless of the physical location. Our 3 data centers are located here;

  • BER1, Berlin, Germany
  • CPH1, Copenhagen (Taastrup), Denmark
  • CPH2, Copenhagen (Albertslund), Denmark

Only ASERGO authorised personnel are allowed to enter our premises. Colocation facilities are separated from our hosting premises and is of course accessible to customers with valid access card, ID and physical keys.

About Germany

Germany enjoys a stable political system, no weather related challenges, and a premium global infrastructure, making Berlin a perfect location for your data center choice. Berlin is the capital of Germany, and the economic center of the European Union. It is a city famous for its diversity, tolerance and understanding, and its citizens are greatly involved in the city’s diverse culture.

Data Center BER1, Germany


German Data center Berlin 1

About Denmark

Denmark is a world leading country in wind energy production and wind turbine production. In 2014 Denmark produced 57.4% of its net electricity generation from renewable energy sources. Denmark has ambitious renewable energy goals for the future, including using renewable energy for 100% of its energy needs in all sectors by 2050. In addition, Denmark has - just like Germany - a stable political system, no weather related challenges, and premium global infrastructure. Denmark is a very small country and enjoy a friendly and highly educated population.

Data Center CPH1 and CPH2, Denmark


Data center Copenhagen