Acceptable Use Policy

Private individuals are not accepted as customers

Our AUP is divided into two sections. The first section concerns your adhering to national laws. The second section is expressing our company's strong policy of keeping our network clean at all times, to the benefit of both you and ourselves.

Violation of national laws

Breach of national laws can lead to legal actions on our part, and to possible immediate disconnection or termination of your account, without any prior notice. Violation of national laws include but is not limited to;

- Child porn
- Drugs
- Terrorism
- Phishing
- ID theft
- Hacking
- Cracking
- DDoS
- Forgery
- Spam
- Copyright infringement

Violation of our company policies

Violation of our company policies include, but is not limited to;

- IRC servers
- Open relay
- Proxy / Public VPN
- Port scanning
- Flooding
- Spoofing
- Shells
- Warez
- Web crawler
- Unsolicited bulk e-mail
- Game servers

If you are unsure if your usage of our services is compliant with our company policies please contact us for further information.

Violation of either national laws or our company policies will result in one or more of following actions;

- A ticket serving as a warning asking you to cure the breach   of contract.
- Disconnection of your services.
- Termination of your services.

This page is subject to change without any notice. Version 16.06.

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