Professional Server Hosting since 2001

Our customers are highly skilled engineers, technicians, software developers and the like. They know exactly what they want from us. They value the freedom of enhanced remote Dashboard control over their server solution, applications and data. On the other hand they don't want to bother with hardware issues and infrastructure incidents at crazy hours. In other words, with us you are the Captain, and we are the engineers maintaining the engine room.

Hassles are our responsibility

Today, that's what our company is all about. To remove your hassles. Secure that your data is for your eyes only. To let you run your applications without any restrictions. And provide you with full remote control features via your own Dashboard.

Dashboard for professionals

A professional dashboard has been developed over the years. We could not have done such a good job, without continuous and valuable input and support from our customers.

A startup company 17 years ago

Building the software platform needed for our business concept back in 2001, we turned to investors to support our financial needs.

In 2010, ASERGO became 100% independent and are today a company that is financially stable and enjoying organic growth.

Some of our long terms customers