Production grade managed private Kubernetes clusters

Managed Kubernetes

Benefits of running Kubernetes


With Kubernetes the deployment, release and update process can be simplified greatly, giving you more time to focus on your application.


Kubernetes will automatically schedule applications resources across cluster nodes depending on hardware utilization to maximize efficiency.


You can automate deployments, monitoring and replication to simplify and streamline operations.

High Availability

Kubernetes is self-healing by design.


The applications you design and deploy in our clusters will run in any other Kubernetes cluster.


Scale your cluster by adding more worker nodes when required.

The benefits we provide

Production grade qualities

Split Inside Different Availability Zones

All cluster roles are split into at least three different Availability Zones.

Focus On High Availability

One of our main focus is to make our Managed Kubernetes Clusters as highly available as possible.

Runs on Bare-Metal

Our Kubernetes runs on our own on-premises bare-metal servers and network infrastructure which enables you to integrate your Kubernetes with any of our products.

Extend with Dedicated Servers and Colocation

As a unique feature you can combine your Managed Kubernetes Cluster with our Dedicated Server and Colocation options.

Vanilla Kubernetes

The core of our Kubernetes has not been altered. Toolkits such as kubectl or helm will work flawlessly with our cluster installations.

Open Source

All our solutions are based on the latest upstream release, fully open source and with no vendor lock-in.

Private Managed Cluster

Your own Private Managed Kubernetes Cluster

All you need to do is to manage your apps and your cluster environment, having absolutely no worries about security updates, patching or system upgrades.

We will make a vanilla K8S private cluster available to you, while our experienced K8S experts will be responsible for maintaining the core components of the cluster.

  • etcd
  • Kubelet
  • API Server
  • Controller Manager
  • Kube Proxy
  • CoreDNS

K8S Private
Managed Cluster

Dedicated Hardware

3 x master nodes

From 6 x worker nodes

60 cores/120 threads

480 GB RAM

No setup fee

€ 1863/mo

Private Cluster

Your dedicated private managed cluster runs on dedicated hardware isolated from other clients.

Admin Role

You will have admin role access to the cluster. Nothing is hidden from you.


We take care of running the cluster and managing the internals such as the kube-system namespace. Allowing you to focus on your applications.

Production Grade

We provide carrier grade networking and availability zones for highest availability and flexibility.

Network features

Carrier grade network for Kubernetes

High Performance Network

For both Internet and Private networks our high performance data center network allows you to run even the most demanding workloads.

Extremely Flexible WAN

By allowing the nodes a direct WAN interface we can provide extremely flexible solutions for IP, BGP and high internet bandwidth applications.

Without NAT on WAN

We do not use natting on WAN networks. Allowing you direct access to the Internet.

BGP + L2 Ingress

We support BGP L3 and L2 (ARP) Load Balancing for ingress high availability.

Unmetered Internal Traffic

Internal cluster traffic and traffic between clusters and private networks are completely unmetered, allowing you to take advantage of the maximum throughput.

Native IPv4 and IPv6 Dual Stack

We support both IPv4 and IPv6 natively in dual stack.

Storage options

Local and distributed storage

Local Storage

For IO intensive applications each cluster comes with the ability to provision local storage based on Local SSD for maximum performance.

Ceph Distributed Storage

Each cluster comes with a ready to use deployed Ceph cluster. Ceph provides: Block Storage, Object Storage and Shared File System.