Backup and Archiving

We offer a shared backup and archiving

We offer a shared backup and archiving solution where individual customers have their own namespace. Each namespace may have it's own storage and security profile. There are no restriction on the size of a namespace and you may store petabytes with unlimited data retention. Technical details: Archiving is available directly on your Private Network and may be accessed simultaneously by all devices. This goes for Dedicated Kubernetes cluster, KaaS, virtual servers and dedicated servers. We use standard NFS 4.x as the connection protocol. Our archiving service takes care of everything including preventing data loss due to bit rot. Location: We facilitate only remote archiving which store data in a different data center than the location of your deployment. So if your servers are located in DK-CPH1 your archived data will be stored in DK-CPH2. Pricing: Archiving data transfer within the same country is free of charge. Data transfer between Denmark and Germany carries a cost. Storage costs are EUR 0.011 per GB/month. There is no data retention limitation and no setup fee.

Archiving and Backup: Connect unlimited archiving and backup service to your Private Network utilizing NFS 4.x. All data is securely sent to one of our other data centers for optimal safety. The data transfer is free and storage costs only EUR 0.011 pr GB/month. There is no retention limitation. Store the data as long as you want. Our archiving service takes care of everything including preventing data loss due to bit rot.

Mesh5 is your hub for combining all ASERGO services into your Private network.

Any of our Pass, Kass, SaaS, IaaS services may be interconnected to give you the ability to utilize exactly the services neede for your project. All done using free bandwidth on 10G 20G or 100G Ports.

Metrics and Alerting

Prometheus is now avaiable on Mesh5, connecting all sevices into one central metrics and alerting dashboard.

By combining all this data into one dashboard you can now see everything in one place.

Even services that are not hosted by ASERGO may be incorporated into the dashboard.


You now have access to storage across platforms. Mix Virtual Servers, Dedicated Servers, KaaS and Kubernetes clusters.

Access private object, block and file storage from everywhere.