A platform with no boundaries

Extremely adaptable infrastructure

The concept of our platform

It is well-known that choosing an IT platform for your business applications can be challenging. But it is a fact that using the same platform for all your applications is rarely appropriate.

Some applications need bare metal hardware to perform while others need to scale up or down on a short notice, depending on load. Some applications may require specific infrastructure and the availability of redundant environments. The solution is not found in just one infrastructure for everything, but in a hybrid infrastructure that allows you to choose exactly the right infrastructure for each application. This is what our platform, the hybrid agile infrastructure is all about.


European data centers

We have 3 different European data centers. Two of these are located at different sites in Copenhagen, Denmark and one is located in Berlin, Germany.

Quality hardware

All customer hardware is data center grade hardware.

Installation system

Our automated installation system makes it easy to create hardware- or software RAID during the installation of your preferred operating system.

Private VPN

Ease of management by connecting your workstation(s) directly to your ASERGO private networks using a private OpenVPN connection.

Experienced support

You will always meet experienced 3rd level support on first contact.

Make a fresh start

Reinstalling your operating system or switching to another operating system is free of charge. You can do this yourself.

The ASERGO infrastructure

Redundant power

Redundant A and B power feeds connected to more independent sources provides you with the highest stability.

Availability zones

Locate your hardware across multiple availability zones and secure availability.

Remote management

All server hardware is equipped with permanent built-in remote management. You can access it 24/7 from your Dashboard.


All servers come with 1 Gbit/s internet and private network free of charge.

Inter connection

Your private network is not limited to dedicated servers. You can connect your co-location, storage and Kubernetes cluster to your private network too.



Using the ASERGO GraphQL API you are in full control.


Layer 2 (VXLAN)

For customers who runs Hypervisors and deploy VMs on their bare metal servers, we enable Private Layer 2 networks using VXLAN to allow VM movement within the data centers.

IPv4 and IPv6 dual stack

Both IPv4 and IPv6 native configuration in dual stack is supported. Being among the first movers in the industry, we have offered full dual stack IPv6 support since 2012.

Data center interconnect

By enabling data center interconnect you can communicate directly between servers in different facilities, stretching your private networks across the data center boundary.

Hardware accelerated

All the way from the Border to Leaf, our network runs exclusively on physical hardware using specialised ASICs (Application Programmable Integrated Circuits) to facilitate an extremely high-bandwidth and low-latency interconnect.


You can deploy PfSense and VyOS firewalls and routers directly in your infrastructure providing you even higher flexibility over your private data center networks.

Private IP networks

As an ASERGO customer you can create your own private networks on either Layer 2 or Layer 3.

Software defined networks (SDN)

Using our Dashboard or GraphQL API allows customers to create and manage Layer 2 and 3 networks, design clusters and both static and dynamic routing for high availability bringing an extremely high level of flexibility.

Operating systems

Custom iPXE

Apply your own custom iPXE script to run your own custom installer or operating system over network boot.

Linux distributions

We provide several well known Linux distributions ready to use, including Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Arch Linux and more.

Download mirrors

We host a public software mirror for most Linux distributions as well as other open source software. For more info see: mirror.asergo.com

Block storage

Highly available

All data is stored over multiple server racks, all in different availability zones, and replicated at a minimum of 3 times to reduce the risk of data loss in case of hardware failure.

Live resize ability

You can always scale your block storage volumes to your desired size, from 1GB to 16TB. If you are running out of space simply increase the volume or attach more storage..


Storage is connected and accessed over your private network.


Block Storage is hot-pluggable. You can always change where the storage is attached.

Hot storage

Hot block storage is build only on SSD or NVMe flash storage to maximize IOPs and throughput.

Cold storage

Cold block storage is built on hard disk drives or a mix of flash drives, to provide affordable storage pricing for large data quantities.


ASERGO network stack

Kubernetes is an integrated part of our platform. Connect your application over secure private networking to your ASERGO bare metal servers.

Better Resource Management

Kubernetes knows how to use resources. Let it manage and schedule your applications across nodes to maximize resource efficiency.

Streamline your workflow

Make Kubernetes manage your application deployments, monitoring, instance replication, and cluster scheduling.

High availability

Let Kubernetes help your application stay healthy with checks. If an application is not responsive Kubernetes will automatically kill and spawn a new application.


Utilize Kubernetes own Horizontal Pod Autoscaler and scale your application in peak hours or during periods of high load.

Avoid vendor lock-in

Any application deployed to an ASERGO Kubernetes cluster can also run in any other Kubernetes environment.


Use GitLab or GitHub to seamlessly stage, test and deploy new code to Kubernetes.

Kubernetes API

API access to your cluster, even if ASERGO manages the control plan.

More coding, less hassle

Develop, test, update and service your applications at a higher and faster iteration.

Up and running in minutes

Choose what kind of nodes should be used in your cluster, what data center you want to provision them to, and use kubectl or any other toolkit to connect to your cluster only minutes after.

Managed Services

ASERGO monitors the control plan and scale the cluster automatically to make sure your experience in our cloud is perfect.


Use the ASERGO GraphQL API to seamlessly scale your own cluster hardware if more resources are needed.

In-house support

We can help you throughout the first steps to get your application running, connecting storage or setting up load balancers.