Service Level Agreement

Comes with all servers at no extra charges! Customized SLA is available upon request.


Standard SLA

ASERGO Service Level Agreement (SLA) - version 2.15

All ASERGO servers come with this Service Level Agreement outlining our commitment to you.
Described level of services is offered without extra charges.

This Service Level Agreement (SLA) covers following aspects of our services:

  • Remote Facilities including Hardware Reboot.

  • Technical Support.

  • Internet Connectivity.

  • Server Security.

  • Software Support and Maintenance.

  • Overall Environment.

    This Service Level Agreement applies to all ASERGO Dedicated Servers regardless of physical location (Denmark/Germany).

Remote Facilities including Hardware Reboot

  • You will have permanent access to genuine KVM over IP as it's built-in to your server.

  • You will be able to restart your server and control your power supply via a web browser 24/7/365.

  • You can 1-click install and reload your operating system automatically as many times you need.

  • You have access to control and maintain your BIOS.

  • You will not be charged for any Remote actions whatsoever.

Technical Support


We offer an extensive and secure Ticket System, which authenticates your identity, your users access
    level and your support history.

  • We offer 24/7 monitoring of support tickets performed by our in-house staff.

  • We assign a technician or an engineer to your server upon your request and keep you updated on every progress.

  • We replace any faulty hardware component upon your request – even upon suspicion.

  • We keep spare servers and spare parts on-site to quickly replace any faulty hardware component or server.

Internet Connectivity

  • Your server is connected via cobber or fibre to an ASERGO router or switch.

  • Ensure at least 99.99% availability on a monthly basis measured by availability to your IP addresses
    from any transit provider.

  • Ensure that the total of maintenance time will not exceed 0.1% on a monthly basis.

  • Ensure that planned maintenance takes place when possible between midnight and 06:00 CET/CEST.

  • Ensure that packet loss does not exceed 0.1% across our network on a monthly basis.

  • Provide you with IPv4 and IPv6 in accordance with the terms permitted by RIPE.

Server Security


Your server(s) is/are located in our secured data centers in either Germany or Denmark.

  • Your server(s) is/are both physical and electronic secured in locked sectioned areas.

  • Our data centers are protected by secure card key access control, intruder detection systems and
    monitored 24 hours 7 days a week.

  • Our data centers can only be accessed by authorized ASERGO employees.

Software Support and Maintenance

If you experience any problems with your server hardware or our network, it's our responsibility.

  • If you experience any problems with your software or applications within your server, it's your responsibility.

Overall Environment

  • We provide dedicated bare-metal servers with redundant power supplies from 2 different sources.

  • We provide dedicated bare-metal servers with multiple PSU's (subject to the Order).

  • We provide redundant UPS's to all customer equipment and failover to redundant diesel generators
    with a guaranteed availability of 100% on a monthly basis.

  • We provide continuous monitoring of the environment to ensure that the temperature is maintained at
    24 degrees Celsius.

  • We operate VESDA smoke detection systems.

  • We operate Inergen gas fire suppression systems.

ASERGO Dedicated bare-metal servers Service Level Agreement (SLA) - version 2.15