Network Services
beyond the usual


As a customer at ASERGO you’ll get the benefit of our 16 years of experience within the server hosting industry. Allow yourself to focus on the important part of your business, well knowing that your servers and infrastructure are in good hands. We do not have any private customers, but are devoted specialists in adapting to our business customers. Even for a complex multi data solution, we like to keep things simple.


Our network services are designed in a way that makes them easy to customize for individual deployments. Our core and access networks are built for low latency which makes them ideal for replication or other latency critical applications.

Depending on your requirements, we can deploy your infrastructure with either active/active L2 fabrics or web-scale L3 only networks. Making our infrastructure a solid foundation for your business critical applications.

With our non-restrictive approach we enable our customers to run all their infrastructure within our data centers, such as routing, firewall, VPN and overlay networks as they wish.


Availability Zones


As an extra precaution, we can place your server(s) in different Availability Zones. E.g. if one instance fails in one availability zone, another can be designed to take over the task.


Local zones:

Low latency via Private LAN.


Remote zones: For geographic security, e.g. one server in Denmark and another in Germany.

DNS Service


We provide a professional Authorative DNS service for any or all of your domains. This is configured with low TTL for fast change propagation.


You can also manage reverse DNS for your assigned IP addresses.

Custom Networks


Manage Private and Public networks and connections. We can provide connectivity from 1 to 100 Gbit/s between servers.

IPV4-6 Connectivity


All our data centers provide native IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity.

Redundant Environment


Our entire infrastructure such as power, carriers, core networks, UPS's and diesel generators across our data centers, is fully redundant.


We operate our own routed network in a N+1 redundant environment, connected to multiple powerful upstream carriers. See Facility Audits for detailed information.

24/7 Monitoring


Our data centers are monitored around the clock on-site and remotely. To avoid intrusions, the emergency and service control centre monitors the premises around the clock, 24/7.


Only our authorized staff are allowed on-site. Visitors, customers or others are not allowed to enter our facilities, not even if accompanied by ASERGO staff.