Native Kubernetes Services

Make your deployment easier by taking advantage of services made specific for Kubernetes

Application monitoring

Get full insight into your applications' behavior and rect to abnormalities by setting up alarms.

Our single-tenant monitoring and alerting service allow you to see detailed real-time graphs over metrics and statistical data exposed by your applications. To comply with your data retention policy 13 months retention is provided.

Price: 1.50 per GB



Our Kubernetes logging service enhances your logging capabilities and lessens the workload inside your Kubernetes cluster.

There is no need to install, configure, and maintain pod logging services within your cluster. All logging is available to view and filter through in your ASERGO Dashboard.

Price: 0.49 per GB

Hardware monitoring

The secret to an optimal running cluster is ample hardware resources and excellent network performance.

We provide full transparency and insight into the underlying hardware stack. Get detailed performance metrics and real-time graphs for network, disk, memory, and processor utilization.

Price: Free of charge

Private Authoritative DNS server

Have a DNS server take care of all your IP numbers used in your cluster and benefit from using domain names instead.

Use your own single-tenant authoritative DNS server for all your domains. Domains may include public or private domains. Your DNS server communicate with Kubernetes and automatically create DNS entries for your exposed services and ingress maps.

Price: 30