Kubernetes Support

ASERGOs support cover all of your cluster support

Our support can assist you with, but not limited to;

  • installation
  • configuration
  • logging
  • monitoring
  • Troubleshooting
  • Platform Topology/Design
  • Network Topology/Design
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Daily Support

Our k8s support is included in any k8s products. However it is also offered as a product by itself if you are already running k8s.

Network Topology/Design

Network is an important part of Kubernetes. An ASERGO cluster can be install with two kinds of network fabrics, Flannel or Calico (only in supervised clusters).

Flannel a simple layer 3 fabric specific designed for Kubernetes. It will forward the traffic from the host to pods with the help of VXLAN or UDP overlay.
This fabric is focused on networking.

Calico is a flat layer 3 network fabric designed for container networks. It provides communication with IP encapsulation or network address translation for better performance and easier troubleshooting.
Calico uses IP-inIP tunneling  or BGP peering.


Running a supervised cluster at ASERGO brings some extra services to your cluster such as the system critical elements in your cluster is managed by ASERGO. These elements resides in the following namepsaces;

  • kube-system
  • monitoring
  • storage

It is also possible to request a version upgrade of your cluster. Once a request is placed will our technical team start the proccess of doing a zero-downtime upgrade of the core elements of the cluster such as;

  • etcd
  • kubelet
  • API Server
  • Controller Manager
  • Scheduler
  • Kube Proxy
  • CoreDNS


Using our self-managed cluster gives you full root level access to your cluster. As an extra service for self-managed cluster can you prepare your cluster for an upgrade but it will not be installed by our technical team.