Application Monitoring

Metrics and Alerting

Long Term prometheus Storage

We offer Long Term Prometheus data service with retention span in years

If more than 24 hours data retention and data redundancy is needed, we offer Long Term Proemetheus data service with retention span in years. This service can be accessed by any of your Prometheus services.

Metrics and Alerting Prometheus is now avaiable, connecting all sevices into one central metrics and alerting dashboard. By combining all this data into one dashboard you can now see everything in one place. Even services which is not hosted by ASERGO may be incorporated into the dashboard

Price: 1.50 per GB

Prometheus Dashboard

Prometheus Dashboard is a collection of template Dashboards. These Dashboards use metric data from Kubernetes to generate an easy-to-use overview of the health of your Kubernetes. Our Dashboard comes with metric overview of namespaces, statefulsets, daemonsets, deployments and pods. In addition, it is possible to create or import custom Dashboards for your own applications.

dashboard templates based on metric data from kubernetes

In our Private Managed Clusters Prometheus will automatically scan all Deployments, DaemonSets and StatefulSets for a scraping port or ServiceMonitors. If you want to use scraping, you need to add the following annotations, example:

apiVersion: apps/v1
kind: DaemonSet
  annotations: 7472 true
kind: ServiceMonitor
    k8s-app: coredns
  name: coredns
  namespace: monitoring
  - bearerTokenFile: /var/run/secrets/
    interval: 15s
    port: http-metrics
  jobLabel: k8s-app
    - kube-system
      component: metrics
      k8s-app: coredns