File Store, Backup and Archiving

From terabytes to petabytes

We offer a highly secure tired namespace based file store, backup and archiving solution. Your files are kept within your own namespace which has it's own storage and security profile with no restrictions on data size and retention periode.

  • Use filestore when you need rapid network file storage with high I/O and frequent file retreval. Storage costs are EUR 19 per TB/month.
  • Backup is optimized for fast storage with infrequente file retrival. You may use any program to move files between your server(s) and the backup storage namespace. Storage costs are EUR 11 per TB/month.
  • Archivning is good for long term storage where storing data is fast but data retrival may take up to 10min. Files are initial stored in SSD or HDD and after a period of file inactivity moved to tape. Use this inexpensive option when long retention periods are required and files are accessed infrequently. Storage costs are EUR 9 per TB/month.
There is no setup fee and data retention limitation.

Technical details

File storage is available directly on your Private Network and may be accessed simultaneously by all devices connected to the Private Network including servers, virtual servers and Kubernetes clusters. We use standard NFS 4.x as the connection protocol. NFS 4.x is avealable on all major operating systems including Linux, Windows, BSD and Unix. Store your data as long as you want. Our file store service takes care of everything including preventing data loss due to bit rot. Connect unlimited file store services to your Private Network utilizing NFS 4.x. All data is securely sent to one of our other data centers for optimal safety.

Local file store

Stores your data within the same data center where your deployment is located. When using local file store you pay for storage space use only.

Remote file store

We facilitate remote file store namespaces which store data across our data centers. So if your servers are located in DK-CPH1 your data is stored in DE-BER1. Storage cost is based on data usage plus storage space used.

How to connect to my namespace file storage

It's rather simple, just access one or more of the below IP numbers on your Private Network using a NFS 4.x driver which is included in most operating systems. Thats all.

  • Filestore:Ip
  • Backup:Ip
  • Archiving:Ip