Easy Scalable Storage

Private, secure and EU GDPR compliant

Hot and Cold Storage

Use one of our storage solutions for block, object, or file-based storage

We have implemented Network Attached Storage using block, object or file storage and made it simple for you. Network storage works well as a storage provisioner for other servers on your Private LAN, such as Kubernetes, Virtual machines or HA solutions.

  • Storage connection is established over a secure private network.
  • Storage is hot-pluggable. Decide where it is attached.
  • Hot storage built only on SSD or NVMe flash storage to maximize IOPs and throughput.
  • Cold storage built on hard disk drives or a mix of flash drives.

Runs on Bare-Metal

Our Ceph storage solution may be configured to either run as a service in your Kubernetes cluster or as network storage for dedicated bare-metal servers. This freedom give you an unique option for your setup to having both Kubernetes and bare-metal servers accessing the same Ceph cluster simultaneously, enabling you to optimize your storage platform.

Data is replicated 3 times

Replicated minimum 3 times, stored over multiple server racks, all in different availability zones.

Extend with Servers and Colocation

As a unique feature you can combine our Network Storage with our Dedicated Server and Colocation options.

100 Gbit/s Server Ports

Servers come with 10 Gbit/s port as default and 100 Gbit/s server ports are available. Fast server interconnectivity.

A secure provider of data storage

We have built a security architecture that meets all your needs for flexibility and scalability.

All our storage solutions are built with security and data integrity in mind. Our direct attached storage and storage appliance solutions are un-managed meaning only you have access and control over your data as it only resides on the system that you manage.

Our highly-available storage clusters is available only over Private Networks and offers great data protection by keeping 3 distributed replicas.

Hardware selection

Just like all our other products, our storage comprises entirely of enterprise-grade hardware. The servers are chosen specifically to allow the perfect ratio of storage capacity and performance while allowing enough network bandwidth to eliminate bottlenecks. While using Intel DC series SATA and NVMe SSDs we can ensure a predictable high performance.

Fast network access

Our Layer 3 100 Gbit/s network core allows private fast low-latency interconnect of servers and storage.

100G data center networks