Load Balancer

Both public and private Load Balancer IPs are available. Private Load Balancers can be used on Private Network for connecting other servers such as VMs or dedicated machines.

Prometheus Monitoring

Add prometheus as a managed service to your cluster. Prometheus helps keeping track of application health and provide alerts if something goes wrong.

Metrics and Alerting

Backup and Archiving

Connect unlimited archiving and backup service to your Private Network utilizing NFS 4.x. All data is securely sent to one of our other data centers for optimal safety.

File store, Backup and Archiving


Add managed block, object or file storage as a service to your cluster for fast network persistent storage.

Easy Scalable Storage

Cluster Pod logging

Save your pods log entries for easy access and filtering.

Egress - Outbound Traffic Controller

Control your Private Network flow by setting up egress IPs for services in the cluster.

Availability Zones

Although rare, failures can occur that affect the availability of your servers in the same location. By placing servers in different availability zones you can protect your setup against infrastructure failures.

High availability using Availability Zones

ASERGO Dashboard

Enabling you to manage all aspects of your infrastructure

ASERGO Hosting Dashboard
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User control

The Dashboard allows you to configure and control user access. Create multiple users and teams and give them access to individual layers of the Dashboard. This way, you can increase safety and control

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The live Server Toolbox set can be used as a last resort option. It is loaded into your servers’ RAM and makes it easier for you to diagnose and correct system errors. Server Toolbox are available for both Linux and FreeBSD.

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Bandwidth monitoring

Monitors the servers' current transfer speed, total input & output, and how much data is being sent in/out of your server on average.

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The Dashboard logs give you a complete overview of your Dashboard. The Dashboard logs make it easy to document when, who, and what has happened at all times.

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Payment & accounting

Your payment settings, invoice details and account logs are all available in your Dashboard. Your payment details can easily be updated and PDF invoices can be downloaded for bookkeeping. We accept a variety of currencies and payment options.

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Ticket System

The ticket system allows for fast and secure communication with our support teams. Setup multiple users, management rights and different access levels with options for read/write.