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Deploy, scale & manage all types of K8S clusters

Kubernetes configuration

Pick the Right Solution

Whether you are a small or a large company, we have the Kubernetes solution for you! We cover Kubernetes on any size, whether you need a cost efficient solution with shared resources, a managed private cluster, or a self managed private cluster.

On-premises hardware

Our Kubernetes runs on our own on-premises bare-metal servers and network infrastructure which enables you to integrate your Kubernetes with any of our products.

Open Source!

All our solutions are based on latest upstream release, fully open source and with no vendor lock-in.

Private Self-managed Cluster

Having a private self-managed cluster you are responsible for managing everything right down to the core of your cluster. You are in complete control of your cluster in all aspects. One of the biggest benefits of this solution is the overall flexibility it brings to your Kubernetes environment, but it requires experience and knowledge on how to manage, run and operate Kubernetes.

ASERGO is fully responsible for running and maintaining the infrastructure embracing your environment.

Should you need our advice, troubleshooting or sparring, you are most welcome to contact us and talk to our Kubernetes experts. This service is charged a token amount of €40 per half hour.

Kubernetes as a Service (KaaS)

KaaS is by far the easiest and most cost effective way to run your Kubernetes environment. Spin up your private namespace and deploy your cloud environment in less than 5 minutes.

Focus on running your applications while ASERGO take full responsibility of managing, maintaining and updating all of the running components of the Kubernetes cluster.

Our KaaS environment include various essential services such as;

  • Kubernetes Dashboard
  • Prometheus Metric Dashboard
  • Customisable network ruleset
  • Load balancer
  • Network block storage

Private Managed Cluster

If your business is to focus on your applications rather than spending time of maintaining your private cluster, private managed cluster is for you.

We will make a vanilla K8s private cluster available to you, while our experienced K8s experts will be responsible for maintaining the core components of the cluster.

Components include:

  • etcd
  • kubelet
  • API Server
  • Controller Manager
  • Scheduler
  • Kube Proxy
  • CoreDNS and more.

All you need to do is to manage your apps and your cluster environment, having absolutely no worries about security updates, patching or system upgrades.

Configuration Example

Dedicated Hardware

3 x master nodes

from 6 x worker nodes

60 cores/120 threads

480 GB RAM

no setup fee

€ 1,863.00/mo

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Network / Topology Design

Network is an important part of Kubernetes. An ASERGO cluster is installed with Canal. Canal uses Flannel as a base and applies Calico's network policy ruleset.

Using network policies will give you full control over your network flow. Our clusters are installed with a default pod isolation, this means traffic to and from pods needs to be explicit defined. Policies is made of both egress and ingress rulesets and are applied to labels.


Flannel a simple layer 2 fabric specific designed for Kubernetes. It will forward the traffic from the host to pods with the help of VXLAN or UDP overlay.
This fabric is focused on networking


Calico is a flat layer 3 network fabric designed for container networks. It provides communication with IP encapsulation or network address translation for better performance and easier troubleshooting. Calico uses IP-inIP tunneling or BGP peering.

Nice to know !

Dedicated Hardware

We have 2 kinds of Kubernetes nodes; Compute and Database. The Compute is the general purpose node the Database node is specifically tuned to support demanding memory and I/O intensive workloads with local flash storage.


All Kubernetes nodes are connected together on an isolated network with 10Gbe+ connection.

Pure Kubernetes

No matter which Kubernetes solution you choose, the core of Kubernetes has not been altered. This means toolkits such as kubectl or helm will work flawlessly with our cluster installations.