An Adaptable Platform

Our services are designed to co-exist

The solution is found in a hybrid agile infrastructure that allows you to choose exactly the right infrastructure for each application.

Remote management

All server hardware is equipped with permanent built-in Remote management which can be accessed from your Dashboard.

Private VPN (coming soon)

Ease of management by connecting your workstation(s) directly to your ASERGO private networks using a private OpenVPN connection.

Quality hardware

All customer hardware is data center grade hardware.

Start fresh

Re-install or switch your operating system free of charge.

Automated installations

Easy to create hardware- or software RAID during the installation of your preferred operating system.

Availability Zones

Locate your hardware across multiple availability zones and secure availability.

Redundant power

Redundant A and B power feeds connected to more independent sources provides you with the highest stability.

Inter Connection

Connect your colocation, storage and Kubernetes cluster to your private network.


Using the ASERGO API enables you to integrate our services into your own generic Dashboard or application.

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Authorative DNS

You can use our authoritative DNS server for all your domains free of charge and point it to wherever you like. It is fast and easy to set up. The option of reverse DNS is also available in the Dashboard.

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free authoritative dns

Download mirrors

We host a public software mirror for most Linux distributions as well as other open source software.