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The concept of our platform

Rack mounted & ready for deployment

Mix Infrastructure seamlessly

Our vision is that you should be in full control exercising the freedom to do whatever you want without any restrictions.

Placing your hosting with us, you get the opportunity to combine dedicated bare metal servers, Kubernetes namespaces and pods, storage and colocation across platforms and across our three European Data Centers. This way, your applications are always located where they perform best.

It is all about giving your IT department time back by making complex infrastructure painless to deploy, secure and manage. We are a service provider constantly striving to add real value to IT departments of all sizes.

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we maintain your infrastructure

Hosting in Europe

In most countries around the world, Government sponsored programmes collect massive amounts of data from the Internet. This data collection is done without any search warrant, court order, or subpoena.

Our three DC's are located in Germany and Denmark where local laws as well as European laws protect privacy and data collection is prohibited by law.

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The danger of Vendor Lock-in

It is quite common to see hosting providers offering services tailored to tie up customers. Proprietary API's and special network topologies are prime examples which makes it harder to host across providers. Add up possible long and inflexible contracts.

The only form of vendor lock-in we are actively exercising is customer satisfaction.

We would love to help you

Whether you need traditional technical support, discussing a key issue with specialists or asking us to solve a task, we are here for you.

Located in Denmark and Germany, our in house team of ASERGO engineers provide deep and knowledgeable expertise across all our product ranges.

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we maintain your infrastructure

18 Years in the industry

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