Prepare the right infrastructure


The importance of preparing the right infrastructure

Don't be alarmed, enterprise servers are not necessary more expensive than normal bare metal servers. Enterprise servers are all about preparing the right infrastructure for your deployment. Planning is the key factor when we talk about enterprise deployment. Questions need to be answered before going ahead with an enterprise setup.


  • do we need more than one server?
  • should we utilize Private LAN between servers?
  • will we use local or remote availability zones?
  • is network speeds above 10G necessary?
  • do we need direct links between servers?
  • do we already have our own IP space or special BGP requirements?
  • are there any legal issues for deploying in Denmark and/or Germany
  • do we need a large amount of Local storage?
  • how do we expect to grow our business in the future?




Listed in your books as:

Large lump sum
3 to 5 years


Buying Servers (CapEx)

Small monthly sum

Operating cost

Renting Servers (OpEx)

How to convert your CapEx to OpEx in layman terms.

We don't believe in variable operating expenses.
Therefore all our prices are fixed.
No variable bandwidth, disk I/O, power costs.


Enterprise Private LAN


Private LAN will enable you to safely exchange data between your servers, without anyone being able to peek into your data.

Direct Server Links

We often see the need for very high speed server interconnects. This could be in the form of direct links between servers or as Private LAN connections.

Enterprise Availability Zones


As an extra precaution, we can place your server(s) in different "Availability zones". E.g. if one instance fails in one availability zone, another can be designed to take over the task.


Local zones:

Low latency via Private LAN.


Remote zones:  For geographic security, e.g. one server in Denmark and another in Germany.

Enterprise Network

Break the 10G barrier, with offerings from ASERGO of 25G and 100G.

We often see the need for very high speed server interconnect. No problem, we will install high speed NIC's in your servers. WAN above 10G is of course also available

Legal Help

We can help your company to determine legal issues in relation to hosting in Denmark or Germany. It is especially important in relation to privacy laws.

Local Storage

Storage needs are growing, we can offer single tenant private object and block storage, attached and cold data storage.
Just ask.

BGP Requirements


If you are lucky to have your own IP space just bring it along.
We will take care of all the administrative issues and implementations. All IP block of /24 or larger are welcome.