Data Protection Directive
We do not touch the content of your server

It's all about your Privacy


  • Servers are delivered with clean hard disks.
  • Back doors and monitoring programs are not installed onto your server.
  • No "special" ASERGO management user accounts are added to your operating system.
  • Operating system userID and passwords are solely yours, and unknown to us.
  • Remote management tools, unique to ASERGO, is available and sits on its own hardware.


Destruction of Storage Devices

HDDs, SSDs, and other storage devices are physically destroyed within our data centers' premises.



Your Private Details

When you sign up with ASERGO, we collect personal and company information from you including your name, e-mail address, billing address and payment information. Such information is kept confidential, and passwords are stored as an encrypted string without any clear text representation.


We do not hand out any customer information to any third party.

Customer privacy is something we take very seriously at ASERGO.

We will not provide or sell to any third party.
Your personal information and all such data will be kept confidential.

Data center Security

Our data centers are monitored around the clock on site and remotely.

The emergency and service control center monitors intrusions around the clock (24/7/365).


  • By integrating modern video and transmission technology, complex and critical building
    management systems are monitored.
  • Security zones are using designated alarm and card key access.


Only our authorized staff are allowed on site. Visitors, customers or others are not allowed to enter our facilities, not even if accompanied by ASERGO staff.


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