Fully integrated Colocation

The best of both worlds

With our Fully integrated Colocation you get everything. All what is included in our Supervised Colocation package and all the advantages of dedicated server hosting.

Your own infrastructure is linked to our powerful server and network management system, which will provide you with access to the complete ASERGO Dashboard with all features enabled.

In reality you get you own data center with all the tools for OS installation, Hardware RAID controller configuration, Recovery tools, DNS and Private networks but still using your own hardware. You may also add any dedicated or virtual ASERGO server to your own infrastructure. Adding ASERGO extra storage is nothing more than connecting to an IP on your Private LAN -- It's all there and it has never been easier.

What you should do?

Ship or bring your own server grade hardware with support for Redfish or IPMI from any vendor. We take care of the rest.