Feel Safe and Secure with GDPR compliance

At ASERGO we offer exceptional safety, security and privacy. Our Berlin data center is ISO 27001 certified, and we comply to GDPR. No one but you have access to your data and customer privacy is of fundamental importance for ASERGO. Your server is physically safe and we use authorised staff, security zones, and video monitoring, among others, in our data centers.

Office with a Staff Close at Hand

We have a staffed office located in Berlin, close to our data center. A human presence near the data center is essential for effortless operations, securing high reliability and excellent stability.

Connecting to Millions of Users

Our data center is located in an ideal location for reaching millions of users worldwide. It has excellent connectivity, providing high bandwidth, and low-latency access to all five continents. Our premium network is build for speed, flexibility and operational reliability, making sure you stay connected.

A Secure Trustworthy Location

Germany enjoys a stable political system, no weather related challenges, and premium infrastructure, making Berlin a perfect location for our data center. Berlin is the capital of Germany, and the economic center of the European Union. It’s a city famous for it’s diversity, tolerance and understanding, and it’s citizens are greatly involved in the city’s diverse culture.


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