Based on your needs, you might consider which location suits you, or if you need multiple servers in different geographic locations. There are several benefits, including legal considerations and data safety.
No matter what data center you use, you will receive the same support, the same connectivity, hardware, and the same pricing.


We have made it easy for you, and no matter what data center you use, the servers are managed from a single point of access through our dashboard.


Legal considerations when choosing data centers

There are different legal considerations when you choose which data center to use, and options for content varies across borders.


For instance Copenhagen data center offers more freedom regarding web page content, while Berlin offers increased personal privacy. Both centers are located in the EU, and will have the benefit of GDPR compliance in the coming year. If you care about data privacy, and have sensitive data, GDPR is of critical importance.

Two separate legal identities

Our data centers are two separate legal identities. This opens several options. You can have one server in Germany and one in Denmark. There is no need for an exit strategy, in case of emergencies. You simply use the other data center.


Why have servers at both data centers and availability zones

Multiple locations offers options for increased redundancy and safety. It is all about your data, and how we can protect it, and make sure it is always available to you.

Remote availability zones

Through remote availability zones you will have options for back up and security. If your server is unavailable in one country, the server in the other country takes over, making sure your data is always available.

No variable costs

You do not have to worry about variable cost depending on location, ASERGO has the exact same pricing, services, and support in both locations.


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