Your Dashboard is not installed onto your server but resides on its own hardware platform. This enables you to access your server at all times, even if the server is unavailable. As such the Dashboard plays the role of your lifeline when the chips are down.


Access to your servers, support, payment, DNS, and other essential tools is the core of your Dashboard. It is intuitive, offering all the advanced options expected by your IT staff. Control and customize your servers and infrastructure using the Dashboard.


Furthermore, pick new already deployed servers directly from our stock 24/7. Install your Operating System by hitting a button and you are up and running. Continue, and maintain control of the server through permanent KVM over IP.


Account management is available with the Dashboard, in order to allow configuration of user access. This gives you the options of individual and customized access to different settings and levels creating Dashboard Teams.

Instant delivery of new servers

You have the option to add servers instantly from the Dashboard at any time. It will be up and running immediately. Adding an additional server can be done fast, and there is no setup fee.


When adding a server, pick your preferred server from the list. We clearly state the hardware, data center, and price. After you order it, you will have immediate access to it through the Dashboard.

User control

The Dashboard allows you to configure and control user access. Create different users and give them access to individual layers of the Dashboard. Allow your IT staff access to server control, or allow strict access to accounting information only to your accountant. You can increase safety and control this way.

Payment and accounting

Access to your account and payment details is handled through the Dashboard. Invoices and account details are listed here and easy to download. Payment is secure.


We are easy to do business with, and offer a wide variety of payment options. Paypal, credit card, bank transfer, and other options.


Use the recovery tools to correct system errors, data recovery, and more. We do not have access to your data, but have implemented tools so you have the means to diagnose and correct errors, with possibility of recovery.


Recovery tools are available both for Linux and FreeBDS.

Statistics and Logs

Monitor your data traffic, speed and total data in and out of the server are logged.
Through activity logs you will have an overview of user activity.

KVM over IP

Through the Dashboard there is access to permanent onboard and built in KVM over IP. It is available 24/7 with no additional cost.


KVM over IP gives you access and control of your server remotely, and it is basically like having your mouse, keyboard and monitor connected directly to the server, with all the privileges entailed. That means you have a single interface with access to BIOS, ability to reboot, and other essential options.

You want access to your server on the road? We have made it possible to access KVM over IP through your browser without JAVA installed on your computer.

Private LAN

The option to implement private LAN is easy, and it is free. Our network allows for straightforward deployment of this option, fast and easy.


If you have more than one server, consider the option of creating a private LAN. There are several benefits, including safety, application optimization and speed.


When you utilize private LAN, the servers, its services and applications, are unreachable from the internet, and are much more difficult to compromise. Access to the internet is handled through a separate switch.

Ticket system
Our skilled staff is always standing by to support you, and it is easy to create a ticket through the Dashboard. We have a fast response time, and our technicians are experienced and dedicated.
Expect your issues to be resolved quickly.


In case of emergencies outside of business hours, we have emergency phone support 24/7.
Details are in the Dashboard.


Free DNS

As a customer you have free access to the ASERGO DNS server. Use it for all your domains, and point it where you like. It is fast and easy to set up, and we have a very low TTL.


The option of reverse DNS is also available in the Dashboard.

Install a variety of operating systems automatically

With the click of a mouse you will be up and running with your preferred OS. You can choose to automatically install your preferred OS, or manually install your own. FreeBSD and Linux are only a few of the options we have implemented.


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