Our assistance to you

Help available at any time

This is how we help you

When needed, our technical experts are always ready to help with fast and knowledgeable assistance. Our team can assist you with our products if you have any questions or concerns. You can consider us a knowledgeable extension of your IT department. We handle all requests with critical care, at any time, in order to resolve any trouble you might have. Our team can help answer your questions regarding:

Our products

Special configurations

Prices & offers


Network & Topology design

Operational support

This is how we support you

With 18 years of experience in the industry, we believe that customer satisfaction is key. Our team possess strong technical competencies, developed from our customers' different needs throughout the years. Our support is there when you need it.

Experienced technical support team

Built-in self-service Dashboard tools

Secure help desk

24/7 Emergency phone service

3rd level support at first contact

Additional guidance

In special cases, we can offer additional guidance that may include hands-on support and knowledge. These cases are often exceptional and are not covered in the previous categories mentioned. This type of guidance can be provided for a fee.

Our Update Policy

Kubernetes as a Service (KaaS)

As a KaaS user, we will upgrade and update the cluster. Updates always adhere to the official Kubernetes Version Skew Policy.

Private managed cluster

If you run a privately managed cluster with us, we will handle the system critical components in the control plan.

Private self-managed cluster

The private self-managed cluster is installed using a stable supported version of your choice, following the Kubernetes Version Skew Policy. Further updates and upgrades are not handled by ASERGO