Professional Server hosting since 2001

Our customers are highly skilled engineers, technicians, software developers and the like. They know exactly what they want from us. They value the freedom of enhanced remote Dashboard control over their server solution, applications and data. On the other hand they don't want to bother with hardware issues and infrastructure incidents at crazy hours. In other words, with us you are the Captain, and we are the engineers maintaining the engine room.


Hassles are our responsibility

Today, that's what our company is all about. To remove your hassles. Secure that your data is for your eyes only. To let you run your applications without any restrictions. And provide you with full remote control features via your own Dashboard.

Dashboard for professionals

A professional dashboard has been developed over the years. We could not have done such a good job, without continuous and valuable input and support from our customers.


A Start up 16 years ago

Building the software platform needed for our business concept back in 2001, we turned to investors to support our financial needs.


A Founder buy out was completed in 2010, and today ASERGO is back on private hands, financially stable and enjoying organic growth.


2016 - Availability Zones

Both our Data Centers have multiple Availability Zones. Place your resources in different Availability Zones to decrease latency or protect your resources within each Data Center.

2015 - KVM over IP, WITHOUT Java

Eliminating well known problems and security vulnerabilities
is a mile-stone.

Creating hardware RAID via drag and drop makes it much easier to get started.

Our new DNS hosting feature comes alive.

DDoS attacks

We implemented scrubbing, which filters malicious traffic prior to entering the ASERGO network.

2014 - New German DC launch

Listening to our customers, we opened our 2nd datacenter in Berlin, Germany. Redundancy is the key word. Our German data center is identical to the Danish data center. Our single point Dashboard handles servers at both locations

2013 - QCT, new server brand

A new market unfolded, the niche we want to be part of. Advanced hosting solutions handling large Oracle databases, SAP solutions as well as VMWare and Linux based Private Cloud computing.

2011 - 10Gbit on Private LAN

10 Gigabit connectivity between servers in Private LAN is default, and the professional multi server hosting solutions was born.

2009 - Built in KVM over IP
No need to contact us. Your server is already connected to your local monitor, mouse and keyboard 24/7. The option of having servers connected via Private LAN's across our datacenter is launched as well.

2008 - Moving to Scion DTU

The Science Park of the Danish Technology University, Scion DTU acknowledged our forward thinking business concept and accepted our application. Moving to this highly skilled technological environment we gained access to the finest brain ware network in our country.

2005 - Multi homed network
Due to increasing demand for our services, our backbone and network infrastructure needed a significant upgrade. Multi carriers and Gigabit is added.


2001 - The company was founded

A start up offering dedicated server hosting coupled with a self-service Dashboard to professionals, wanting full server control in all aspects. This is our business concept. It took a little longer than expected to develop this concept, given our ambitions and the available technology at that time.


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